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The air carrier personal items deducted the solution at the airport

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Many passengers at the airport one of the most serious problems facing home, more than value is returned check items has been lopped off, customs checks will received customs warm reminder: you are taking goods value beyond the state entry and exit rules requirements, looking for customs declaration or customs broker company, reported a close to pay income tax. So how many goods value will be deducted by the customs? Today VIPU Supply Chain under the international small make up to you to say. Customs regulation: as long as the item over the rules on the quantity or amount, the customs will be certified that the goods may be a commercial use, such a situation, we must step by step in accordance with the customs process to complete the customs taxes here can do a simple introduction: entrusted customs declaration company, sign an agreement. Why do you want to look for customs declaration company? Investigate its reason is: the right of import and export company, as the item itself owner, do not blindly pursue low price, and ignores the personal goods import declaration experience at the airport. For the customs clearance process and personal belongings of the international express declaration, the same: 1, the entrusted customs declaration companies to borrow qualification. 2, inspection declaration, A slightly different documents, including the arrival of the notice of what, express company will provide all) 3, customs clearance, the completion of the entrusted payment to pick up the package, a small amount of goods, personal belongings airport customs need to pay attention to what matters: 1, whether to have wood packaging? 2, if it is brand goods, do you need authorization letter? Whether you need 3 for 3 c? 4 do you need the inspection? 5 do you have import and export right? 6 if you can provide the complete information? 7 how much value of the goods? Airport import customs clearance process and procedures: ( 1) After the goods arrived at the international airport, the airport cargo terminal according to the data on the air waybill, sorting and check the integrity of the goods, to have damage, shortage, the airport will help consignee to airlines for tracking or claim for compensation, for batch to arrive the goods will be tracked until all the goods arrived. ( 2) Airport after finishing the goods, notify the consignee to pick up the bill of lading is shown on the air waybill. After the consignee to get the bill of lading can arrange import customs clearance. ( 3) Prepare customs declaration data: 1, packing list; 2、发票; 3, the contract; 4, air bill of lading; 5, agent declaration a power of attorney. Above is the basic information needed for customs clearance, depending on the goods in accordance with the customs required to provide the corresponding information. ( 4) After customs declaration data preparation is complete, declare to the customs, the customs of the personal data for review and appraisal of the goods, the customs to declare after the price has been verified, a tax bill, arrange to pay the tax. ( 5) Customs for import goods inspection audit, inspection audit by after release. ( 6) The consignee has passed the customs documents to the airport cargo terminal handling, and to receive the goods. Import customs clearance at the airport need to be aware of matters: a general from the goods to the airport, the airport for three days of storage costs, if you are to pay the penalty fee, so want to arrange the customs clearance time, the best is the goods ready before the arrival of the customs declaration data, can be directly arrange customs clearance after the goods arrive. Second, there are some imported goods is need to do the inspection first, so you need to finish the commodity inspection to customs declaration first. How to know whether the goods import to do the commodity inspection, customs code, we need to make sure goods goods corresponding hs code, will indicate whether or not to do the commodity inspection. Such goods to the international airport after the end of the import customs clearance process smooth, the consignee also to receive the goods smoothly.
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