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Prospect analysis of dangerous goods transportation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-24
Dangerous goods transportation is a kind of special transportation, which refers to the transportation of unconventional articles by special organizations or technicians using special vehicles. Generally, only after passing the strict review by the relevant national functional departments and possessing the corresponding facilities and equipment that can ensure the safe transportation of dangerous goods, can they be eligible for the transportation of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods transportation supervision is so strict, so what is the prospect of dangerous goods transportation? Dangerous chemical transport vehicles are closely related to the development of the national economy. It directly participates in the economic construction of the country. Whether the user is a chemical company or a logistics company, it plays a role in promoting the development of economic construction. With the development of the domestic economy, the following five major trends in the transportation of dangerous goods: First, the transportation of dangerous goods is increasing at a rate of 10% every year. With the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the rapid development of the logistics industry, the domestic macroeconomic environment is stable and improving, and there will be a blowout market in the future. Second, the management of hazardous chemicals transportation is more stringent. Strict access to the market for hazardous chemicals transportation, strengthen the supervision and management of the transportation of hazardous chemicals, promote the management of production risks of hazardous chemicals, strengthen the training of employees and the construction of supervision teams, seriously investigate and deal with accidents in the production of hazardous chemicals, The long-term mechanism for the safe production of chemical products to be opened to the outside world has been intensified and internationalized. The standardization system is gradually improving. Third, the quality of transport personnel has improved. Through training and learning, personnel's technical quality and rescue capabilities are improved, and the number of supervision and rescue personnel is greatly increased. Strengthen early warning and forecasting technology, establish a strong professional rescue team for hazardous chemical transport accidents, strictly implement GPS monitoring, implement national network management, and rationally control and reduce potential safety risks Fourth, upgrade rescue equipment. Purchasing advanced rescue equipment, including communication equipment, special tools, rescue equipment and special protective equipment, to improve the emergency response capacity. Aiming at the unsafe factors that may occur during the transportation process, the state has issued the 'Blasting Equipment Transport Vehicles and Safety Technical Conditions'. Play a guiding role. Fifth, strengthen the management of transportation vehicles. Rectify the hazardous chemical logistics industry, standardize management of operating enterprises, strictly manage hazardous chemical transportation vehicles, and reasonably maintain and maintain transportation vehicles. The state vigorously promotes new types of safe transportation vehicles, which is conducive to the long-term sustainable development of the domestic transportation industry. In short, the hazardous chemical transportation industry has a bright future, and there is still a long way to go in safety awareness. In the future, the state's policies and regulations on hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles will become more and more strict, and high-end, high-value hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles that comply with national security, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent transportation will be greatly favored.
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