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People in a foreign country, need not return the personal items can be shipping experience of going abroad

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In fact there are a lot of immigrants who have been living in working abroad, had no time to return to the transportation of goods issues, but because of foreign goods value is too high, less items design etc, has been wanting to purchase some new furniture or from domestic will be used in domestic old furniture before moving abroad. People don't come back in a foreign country, how from domestic shipping personal items to go abroad? A, first find a of the international logistics lp if you people in a foreign country, you can choose an international logistics lp, entrust its agent. So how to choose one of the international logistics is very important. 1, through friends introduction. Find used international logistics service friend asked before, have practical experience in the probability of informal international logistics lp much smaller, the risk is relatively small. 2, search logistics lp, from logistics lp to judge the details of the website. Online search logistics lp, see is good at doing international logistics. The content of the website is detailed. Check the site registration time. Just registered before long, want to choose carefully. There are some company's office address is actually does not exist. 3, entrust domestic relatives and friends go to the office field. To the international logistics lp warehouse. Generally large international logistics lp, has its own warehouse, trucks, workers, more focus on service quality and word of mouth. And small companies may be the outsourcing means to complete the business, there are business for temporary workers and vehicles, to do this while saving the cost, but for the quality of service control is relatively small. International logistics lp VIPU Supply Chain has its own warehouse, human, vehicle, you may rest assured. 4, if there is no time to visit, you can ask for a business license and the relevant certificate, online check the authenticity. 5, don't look for freight company or logistics company. Some logistics companies and shipping companies are also added to the national logistics industry. There are specializing in so-called, freight price is very low, looking at actual many not be carried out in accordance with the personal belongings in a regular way to customs clearance, they are good at of transportation of the goods of general trade. Out of the question, such as looking for they will be your responsibility. 6, don't look for outsourcing company. There are a lot of in the local office, just by a telephone, through the form of outsourcing to other companies, some even by several companies turn over, goods no basic protection. 7, don't look for cheap international logistics lp, don't have chances. A price points a points goods. There will always be cheap cheap. Cheap export logistics lp may utilize informal means. Goods packaging in place or not does not provide packaging services. 8, advice services company to look at the port of destination. The company contact information for the port of destination, ask friends, how the company in the local reputation. Try to contact this company to see if they answer to your question is correct. Second, ready to related documents different from the traditional cargo trade, international migration logistics according to the actual situation of different immigrants, combined with the customs policy, and in view of the new immigrants from all countries and work visa immigration policy is favorable, make use of international logistics immigrants in enjoy preferential policies to the proper limits, private goods duty-free entry, etc. 1, need to offer the customs declaration and clearance of the material: ( 1) Chinese outbound as you are new immigrants, hold foreign green card or use a work visa, student visa. Provide your passport photo and a copy of the visa page ( 2) You are people in the home, need to offer in domestic residence permit, employment permit and your passport photo and a copy of the visa page 2, please send in English version packing list each individually wrapped items number, according to the number fill in quick international special packing list, listing will write clearly the name of main items in each carton information 3, Marine bill of lading Marine bill of lading is proof of delivery, the shipper is our company part of a display, shows you the consignee, consignee informed people shows our foreign agents, the bill of lading commodity demand is according to personal belongings and personal property and other words, the foreign customs form foreign customs requirements in the destination country complete private goods customs clearance form, this form should I fill out and sign it. For example: us customs ISF and 3299 forms, B4 form Canada customs, the Australian customs B534 form three related note 1, the international logistics transportation distance, long time span, process trival, so the industry services company specialized degree is highly demanding, how close to clients consignment plan, how to guarantee the safety of customers goods, each link how to follow up, control and feedback to customer, it is the duty of qualified international logistics lp 2, to the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the wooden cases and wooden items need fumigation and quarantine formalities, such as Australia to door cargo fumigation, Australian customs asked the CNEE to fill out a packing declaration. 3, shall not carry out the following items ( 1) Counterfeit currency and forged securities ( 2) Harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture, moral prints and manuscript involves state secrets, photo film, tapes, etc. ( 3) Precious cultural relics and cultural relics prohibited exit ( 4) Endangered and rare animals and plants ( All specimens included) Their seeds and reproducing materials. 4, Canada customs clearance, need oneself to the customs office for consultation, assist clearance, if you are immigrants settled in Canada, please pay attention to this point.
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