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Note for transnational logistics, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Everyone knows that logistics is a tedious and trivial matter, let alone cross-border international logistics. The transportation distance is long, the time span is long, and the process is cumbersome. Therefore, the professionalism of the service company in the industry is extremely high. How to make a consignment plan for customers personally, how to ensure the safety of customers’ items, how to follow up, control and feedback to each link Customers, this is the obligation of a qualified international logistics company, so choosing a strong and suitable international logistics service company is very important. Matters needing attention in international logistics costs: 1. It should be noted that many international freight companies are doing marketing under the banner of international logistics, but such companies themselves are mainly engaged in trading goods, and they are basically not familiar with international logistics. The goods are shipped as trade goods, and the price is relatively low, but as trade goods, it is not only difficult to clear customs, but also unfamiliar ones will also cause the cost to skyrocket due to lack of relevant documents and other information. 2. The so-called door-to-door service provided by some companies will calculate the cost separately. For example, the domestic part is paid to the logistics company, and the foreign part is paid to the port, and some is paid to the customs and freight forwarding companies. These companies provide To put it bluntly, the service is a door-to-port service, and there will definitely be hidden costs in foreign countries, so find a company that can cover all costs. 3. All private goods exports do not need fumigation. Some companies will require customers to fumigate the items. In fact, they usually take the opportunity to make some profits. When exporting, they will be marked with special wooden boxes that are free of fumigation. International logistics tips 1. How to save logistics time? To save logistics time, first of all, we must make sufficient preparations, put all the scattered things into boxes or pack them, and turn them into whole pieces. Secondly, you can ask the logistics company to send more staff. Finally, arrange the time and itinerary reasonably. The sailing schedule should match your itinerary as much as possible. It is best to arrange the ship that arrives at the port one week after your landing so that you have sufficient time to prepare for customs clearance. 2. How to worry about logistics most? Before logistics, it is necessary to finalize which items are ready for shipment and which are not needed, and then determine the volume. According to the opinions of international logistics companies, determine whether to use LCL and FCL transportation services, and then which items need to be disassembled and which cannot be disassembled must be planned in advance , Avoid planning in a hurry on the logistics day. 3. What should I do if I need regular logistics? Some families need frequent logistics for some reason. For this kind of family, it is best to avoid buying some large pieces of furniture, but try to use the equipment provided by the landlord. It is best not to throw away the cardboard boxes used by logistics in case they are used again next time. It is best not to book some long-term services, such as newspaper subscription, milk ordering and other services, which can avoid a lot of trouble. 4. How to avoid item collision? Be sure to indicate to the personnel of the logistics company which box or item is under key protection, and if possible, put a prominent mark or reminder on the box; some fragile or valuable items must be explained to the operator; some are heavy Or bulky furniture (such as cabinets, pianos, etc.) should be transported by the logistics company with more workers, and someone will be instructed by them; fragile or pressure-sensitive items should be placed on the top, loaded in the cabinet and unloaded first; In some old buildings, the aisles are relatively long and narrow, and they are often filled with debris. Be careful not to touch things next door. 5. How to use the tax exemption policy for new immigrants If you are a new immigrant, the personal items you carry are all duty-free, so take this opportunity to bring as many items as possible that are expensive in local countries and are frequently consumed. For example: Compared with the domestic cotton products and plastic products, the price is several times higher, so you can bring more plastic products, such as: hangers, washbasins, trash cans, storage bins, cotton sheets, quilts, Cotton clothing, etc. It is also recommended that you bring some common medicines and gifts with Chinese characteristics from China, such as carpets, antique furniture, handicrafts, porcelain, etc. Or for customers who like Chinese classical furniture, you can bring some mahogany furniture, rosewood, huanghuali and other furniture, which are rarely bought in Canada.
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