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Logistics to Singapore should pay attention to the problem, how to duty-free?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Singapore is southeast Asia's famous island of Singapore, tropical developed countries, because of the small temperature difference in temperature all the year round the advantageous climate, immigrants welcomed and loved. Singapore Chinese ethnic in harmony with the local ethnic people have for many years, now Singapore is the official language in addition to English to Chinese, you can imagine the number of Chinese singaporeans. When a lot of friends in the logistics to Singapore immigration don't know what to pay attention to what problem, need what to tax exemption certificates and materials. Small make up today to tell you about immigration to Singapore logistics matters needing attention. Requirements: (1, documentation 1) If you are new immigrants, the Singapore green card, provide your passport photo and a copy of the visa page; ( 2) If you use the work visa, please provide Employment pass ( Work pass) Copy; ( 3) As you are Singapore citizens to return home, need to offer in domestic residence permit, employment permit and passport photo and a copy of the visa page. 2, customs declaration and clearance material: English version packing list. Kam fai international to provide you with a dedicated English version packing list. Marine bill of lading. Marine bill of lading take delivery certificate, proof of shipping contract signed by the carrier. Declaration of facts, the form of Singapore. The consignee at destination for Singapore's customs requested the complete private goods customs clearance form, this form should be you to fill out at least 1 week before goods to the port after the completion of the fax or scan to our agent in Singapore. 3, Singapore customs import policy for personal items: if you are new immigrants, citizens or hold Employment pass ( Work pass) , import items must be in your entry 6 months, if the items in your entry to after 6 months, need according to the CIF price, pay 7% sales tax. Singapore citizens, it must be lived abroad for more than 6 months above, can be duty-free. For new items, Singapore will impose things worth 3% of the consumption VAT, 销售税) 。 Limit and tax items: alcohol, tobacco, petroleum products, etc. Banned the import of goods: chewing gum, a pistol in the shape of a cigarette lighter, weapons, controlled drugs and psychotropic drugs, inflammable, explosive, pirated publications of fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and other food, animals and plants and their by-products.
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