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How to choose between logistics shipping personal items abroad?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Immigration logistics to a foreign country, because the cost is related to the quantity of goods, so some trade-offs need to be made, so which domestic goods are worth carrying? What items cannot be carried? Based on years of service experience, VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics lists some of the most common types of items that customers bring abroad: 1. Furniture Chinese-style furniture is a must-have item for many customers, and is of great value for viewing and collection. It is compatible with foreign personal goods imported duty-free. The policy is very cost-effective, and even some customers will customize a set of brand new Chinese furniture from China and ship it. 2. Clothing Generally logistics customers who go abroad like to bring their own valuable clothes or personal favorite clothes, such as some clothes that are not usually worn or are older, it is recommended not to bring them, but it should be noted that the clothes must be within a reasonable range for personal use Inside, don’t let the customs consider them to be commercial items. For example, it’s best not to carry more than 2 items of the same brand and model. 3. Kitchenware and kitchenware are also necessary items for many immigration logistics customers. One is used to it, and the other is that the meal purchased at a high price abroad may come from China, so it is still very cost-effective to ship it directly. 4. Bedding Many customers like to bring domestic beddings, such as bed boards and mattresses. Generally speaking, foreign mattresses are softer. Unlike domestic mattresses, people who are accustomed to sleeping on domestic mattresses will be very uncomfortable, so you can bring your own mattress to sleep comfortably. In addition, there are also children’s beds. There are also customer transportation. 5. Household appliances Many customers will also transport domestic household appliances abroad, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, etc. However, before carrying them, they must pay attention to the safe voltage of the destination country to prevent them from being unusable. Money. 6. Some other items, such as handicrafts, oil paintings, pianos, safes, massage chairs, chandeliers, children's toys, etc. These items have relatively high value and are also the choice of many customers. Let's take a look at immigration logistics going abroad. What can't be brought? Restricted entry and exit items: 1. Restricted entry items (1) radio transceivers, communication security devices; (2) tobacco, alcohol; (3) endangered and precious animals, plants (including specimens) and their seeds and Propagating materials; (4) National currency; (5) Other items restricted by customs. 2. Restricted export items (1) precious metals such as gold and silver and their products; (2) national currency; (3) foreign currencies and their securities; (4) radio transceivers and communication security devices; (5) precious Chinese medicines Village; (6) General cultural relics; (7) Other articles restricted by customs to exit the country. Prohibited entry and exit items: 1. Prohibited entry items (1) all kinds of weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives; (2) counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities; (3) impact on Chinese politics, economy, culture, and Morally harmful printed matter, film, photos, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items; (4) various types of poisons; (5) opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, and other energy Addictive drugs and psychotropic drugs. (6) Animals, plants and their products with dangerous bacteria, pests and other harmful; (7) Food, medicine or other articles that hinder the health of humans and animals, come from epidemic areas, and can spread diseases 2. Prohibition of leaving the country Articles (1) All articles prohibited from leaving the country; (2) Manuscripts, printed matter, film, photos, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer media storage and other items involving state secrets; (3) Precious Cultural relics and other cultural styles prohibited from leaving the country; (4) Endangered and precious animals, plants (including specimens) and their seeds and propagation materials.
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