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How long will it take to get Courier clearance generally? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-30
Is temperamental predominance off within one working day, if the customs have doubt requires the recipient to help customs clearance of goods, so time is long. Procedures of the international express delivery of the goods buckle, such as personal imports, customs will you have a right of import and export, then find a right of import and export company agent for customs clearance. If it is related to certification procedure to need, can provide would be provided to the customs, cannot provide the goods can't customs clearance, take not to come out. There are may directly apply to the customs for the goods return, generally according to international practice, the customs clearance of goods can also apply for is returned to the point of origin or the third party trading port, to return to Hong Kong, and then imported to Hong Kong customs clearance express, cost is not high, operation is convenient. The requirements of the international express rules 1, the sender should use when sending express detailed, accurate and truthfully fill in either English or French, item by item; Should I use a typewriter or a ball-point pen, fill out to give the waybill each couplet handwriting clear. 2, charge, the sender name address should be detailed and accurate, and should be to provide the telephone number as soon as possible, in order to express a problem can contact; The recipient address for post office box number express shall not only collected; I company for express mail address wrong or not caused by the delivery delay shall not be responsible. Shall not send cash within 3, express, dangerous goods such as listed in the law and the relevant provisions of the state of * send items, as well as express delivery carrier is prohibited items; The sender against the ban, send me all the losses caused by the stipulated limit company does not undertake any responsibility. 4, according to the related provisions of the international air transport association (iata), when the volume weight is greater than the actual weight of the express, express freight will be charged according to the weight and standard. The specific calculation formula is: length X width X height / 6000 = volume weight. 5, items, categories, declared value fill in correct information.
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