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How logistics abroad piano packaging in order to ensure safety

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
How to handle the piano? Looking for logistics lp? How do these items packaging, haven't a clue, found that these things are so complicated. Upset when a good friend of mine told me, why don't you try to find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, they can be arranged, because her aunt logistics abroad is carte Blanche VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to operate. Then she asked her aunt to the international logistics lp's contact information. On that night I VIPU Supply Chain international official website, online consulting a lot of logistics issues. Asked a lot of related logistics process and matters needing attention, especially about the piano packaging process. They are the company's customer service is very professional, original piano can carry, and has a special professional manufacturer of packing and special packaging materials, in the process of logistics to foreign countries to ensure their safety. Still not trust at first, but as the logistics issues abroad time approaches, eventually it was decided, and their appointed time the door packaging company. In VIPU Supply Chain of international logistics master the door packaging, truly feel their professional and trust. When packing, 4, 5 packaging teacher, you would quickly will bring luggage packing material will be home and furniture separate packaging. Some in the cabinet room packaging, some packaging TV ark and sofa in the living room. And kitchen utensils, packaging everyone changed quickly, boxes packaged items are moved to the balcony count from home. Of course, the grand piano that I like. In the packaging of the piano, at first I was a little worried about scratches or some collision. See packaging teacher open the piano, the keys inside the fixed first, and a professional bubble into the hammers, it can prevent the hammers fracture. Hear packaging teacher's explanation, I relieved, because they are very professional, they've been packing many times the piano, very experienced. Then VIPU Supply Chain international earthquake bubble film and three outer layer in the pearl cotton package, it can avoid the piano and other items of friction caused jean surface scratches, is a professional ah, I did not think of, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp teachers have to help me think it over. In after good shockproof bubble film and pearl cotton bag, use the cardboard package, just made a size cartons suitable shape of the piano piano creamy-coloured up, really admire that a few master packing, two pieces of big board in a few minutes you can cut out a suitable carton, proficiency in professional degree and does not have any questionable. Finally, the teacher say such packaging is not complete, because the customer site is different, they will put the packaging good piano to warehouse customize a large wooden box, specifically for the piano after the wooden case is VIPU Supply Chain international piano specially according to each customer tailored, timber specifications conform to the requirements of the customs clearance, don't need another do fumigation. Put in the piano, so professional and strong packing can protect the safety of piano when long-distance logistics. Anyhow thank VIPU Supply Chain international high-quality service, recommend you conscience at the same time, if you plan to have logistics abroad, you can directly call VIPU Supply Chain international online customer service telephone: 400 - 012 - 5052. Free consultation or order, the hope can help you.
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