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How immigration logistics to Australia, with furniture is reasonable?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Australia is immigration country, with its high quality standard of living, the perfect social welfare, loose immigration policy, good education resource, etc. , the attracting immigrants. According to a report by the Australian bureau of statistics show that as of September 30, 2018, the Australian population is 25. 1 million, year-on-year growth of 1. 5%. Net overseas migration a total of 240100 people, accounting for 61% of the total population growth, and immigrants from China or from 2016 population ranked third, now more than New Zealand, become Australia's second largest immigrant group! After the immigration, now has 606450 Chinese living in Australia. To prepare for Chinese immigrants to Australia to settle down, furniture is in Australia to buy local or from the domestic belt in the past? Logistics actually, immigrants to Australia, in domestic furniture purchase with the past deal - or buy in Australia local deal this problem, first of all, see you ready to use which kinds of style of furniture, if it is appropriate that directly in Australia to buy local, but if you want to use the Chinese style furniture, Australia is no real local antique Chinese style furniture, even though some merchants can sell but not in stock, after you bought a businessman will transfer from China, 2 - Three weeks to get, basically conversion into RMB on several times more expensive than in the domestic purchases, this is a small fee. Maybe you will ask, if I order a new set of furniture at home, how do you shipped to Australia? This you can contact the international logistics lp, determine the carrier contract after consulting ask price, can let the furniture can be shipped to international logistics lp manufacturer's warehouse, reverse packing: down the original packaging, again by the professional logistics lp packaging materials to packaging, so that can be used to declare personal belongings, and does not need to pay custom duty. Why the packing, because when the Australian customs inspection, if found to be the original packaging, customs is known to see new items, so need to pay 5% duty and the consumption tax of 10%. Reverse packing is according to Australian government tax benefits for new immigrants, Australia, new immigrants can be exempt carry entry will use more than one year old, so the new furniture packaging, can effectively avoid tariff, what is there against it. When this batch of furniture shipped to Australia, will be made by the foreign agency, customs clearance and then sent to your new home and put in place, to clear away the packaging waste, if you want to furniture assembly service, it requires you to provide additional costs. In addition, if you still want to some other items shipped to Australia, you also need to pay attention to what aspects? 1, if you want to check some of the items in the fragile need to customize wooden box packaging, do not use wood packaging log, you need to use fumigation-free plank manufacture wooden cases, because belong to Australia for our export wood packaging fumigation, for fumigation wooden cases, international logistics lp can be paid for. 2, Australia, the voltage of 230 v, most of the domestic home appliance can be used in Australia ( Many new immigrants often take lamps and lanterns, or small electrical appliances, refrigerators, washing machines with more) 。 If your item has the high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioning, the customs will require separate declaration items model, power, cold media type, electrical standards, such as audit, complete rear accessibility, audit will produce about 100 - cost Around 300 Australian dollars, so please get relevant expenses budget. 3, Australia, the mattress is too soft, not suitable for Chinese people sleep habits, the mattress has a high price, also advice from domestic purchase. In addition can also carry the kitchen supplies, plastic products, bedding, can take some more, purchase cost is higher in foreign countries. 4, Australian AQIS inspection suggest a single personal items, usually in 40 minutes, but by AQIS personnel shortage, so the queuing time will be longer, according to the season and is not the same as the port of time will be different, often in 10 - 20 days or so, so, please arrange travel time in advance. 5, shipping personal items to receive goods in Australia, the need to pay attention to Australia's list of contraband, prevent caused by their own not careful carry items were held in Australia to produce demurrage, destroy the related fees such as cost, do more harm than good.
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