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How can query to detail the price of international logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Immigration logistics to the front of the abroad, need to be prepared for a lot of work, one is to know the price of a barrel of logistics, then how can we get the price of international logistics? First step: to understand the constitution of the international logistics cost, in the international logistics cost is generally divided into: fixed costs, floating charge. Fixed cost is to point to will set forth in the contract: the packaging cost, inland transportation costs, shipping costs, destination customs clearance formalities charge, port charges, destination door service. Floating cost refers to the possible cost, such as the customs inspection fees, cost of fumigation, unexpected human costs ( No elevator, such as destination area is not access vehicles need workers with the foot car transport, need additional fees) 。 Step 2: get the means of international logistics price one: online query on the official website of many international logistics lp there will be a self-service inquiry system, as long as you follow the above prompt for the information, can get a charging scheme, but these solutions is not very detailed, can only provide a reference price. Method 2: call consultation you can dial telephone international logistics lp's official, will own needs clear, where such as logistics from where, what, when logistics, etc. , a professional international logistics lp staff will according to the information you provide, to provide a relatively accurate quotation scheme, want to get a more accurate price, just need to make an appointment to come assessment services. Method 3: ask the user can be used to some friends consulting international logistics service, not only be able to get a price plan, can also get some service evaluation about logistics lp, this can also be taken as reference to choose their own international logistics lp. Through the above way, can get the prices of many companies, but what is certain is that they provide have high low price, then you need to polish eyes, carefully screening. Low price too much, can need not consider, to know the logistics lp operating costs about the same, the price is too low, they will be in the follow-up service to all sorts of reason to increase; Also need not consider price is too high, it had many problems; Price almost, can choose from the aspects of users reputation, the most suitable international logistics lp.
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