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Furniture of shipping to Australia

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
1 if there is a fragile perishable goods, do not use log production of wood packaging, need to use fumigation-free plank manufacture wooden cases, usually, VIPU Supply Chain will under the condition of the customer needs to provide related services. 2 furniture, rattan products such as before the door packing, can be used as insecticide treatment, avoid the AQIS inspection found that the disinfection is required. 3 if you have any liquor products, items separately declare customs requirements, and according to the type of wine, Red wine, white wine, liquor, etc. ) A high tariff, degree and ml. 4 voltage of 230 v Australia, most of the domestic home appliance can be used in Australia, if you have air conditioning and other items in the high-power electrical appliances, the customs will require a separate declaration item types, and the power, cold media type, electrical standards review, complete rear accessibility, audit will produce cost is about 100 - About $300. 5 Australian customs tariffs for most of the items and the consumption tax are unified, calculated as follows: * 5% = tariff, goods value ( Goods value + tariffs) * 10% = consumption ( 销售税) Combined, so the tariff and the consumption tax as a declaration of value of 15 items. Produced by 5%, taxes are collected by the customs without logistics lp. 6 Australian AQIS inspection and quarantine of the single personal items, usually in 40 minutes, but by AQIS personnel shortage, so the queuing time will be longer, according to the season and the port is not the same time will be different, often in 10 - About 20 days. So after the goods to the port need customer to wait. When all items are in the most items for the new, the customer will often used items and new items declare to the customs, unified reasonable after change the packing to avoid tax, in order to avoid the customs value question, the customer usually requires the furniture stores issued a procurement contract or receipt, encounter.
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