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Duty-free logistics to Australian conditions to be met

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
We often receive a call from a customer consultation, ask how can duty-free logistics abroad, what are the conditions to be met. Each country for duty-free entry logistics condition is different, need specific consulting the country's customs or the international logistics business consultant. Small make up take duty-free logistics today to Australia, for example, about meet tax-exempt status conditions and requirements. Requirements: (1, documentation 1) If you are a Chinese nationality, you need to hold more than one year in Australia's work visa or a permanent residence visa/life. ( 2) If you are Australian citizenship, you need to hold China's more than one year work visa/visa or permanent residence life; At the same time also need your residence permit and employment permit in China ( Experts certificate) 。 ( 3) Reasonable access or tourist visa, is also are tax deductible. ( 4) If you are a nationality in other countries, you need to hold China and Australia in both countries more than one year work/life visas or permanent residence, and your residence permit and employment permit in China ( Experts certificate) 。 2, customs declaration and clearance material: Beijing/tianjin customs regulation according to provisions of customs need your passport copy and other related documents copy or scanned documents for customs clearance, Shanghai and guangzhou you with passport and visa copy and other documents copy. English version of packing list. VIPU Supply Chain international to provide you with a dedicated Chinese and English version packing list. Marine bill of lading. Marine bill of lading take delivery certificate, proof of shipping contract signed by the carrier, VIPU Supply Chain international council of the goods within one week after shipment to provide goods electricity put the bill of lading to you. The Australian customs B534 form. Consignee at destination for the Australian customs requested the complete private goods customs clearance form, this form should be you before the goods to the port at least 1 week or so to fill out after the completion of the fax or scan to our agent in Australia. 3, the Australian customs import policy for personal items: if you are using a visa and certificate information in accordance with the above standard can deal with personal belongings of customs declaration and clearance, the Australian customs duty free * access to Australia for personal items, but the premise is your items should be used in China more than 12 months old. For new items, the Australian customs will impose two tax, consumption tax ( 销售税) : 10%, tariffs: 5% 10%.
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