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During the outbreak of baggage back to pay attention to?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
With foreign epidemic outbreak, more and more foreign students, Chinese and overseas Chinese return home. Have a lot of luggage to prepare back, then ship the personal luggage back to what it is worth noting that matters? A, banned Chinese customs banned items have the following things: 1, all kinds of weapons, imitation weapons, ammunition and explosives. 2, counterfeit currency and forged securities. 3, to China's political, economic, cultural, moral and harmful print, film, photography, music, movies, tapes, video tapes, VCDS, computer storage media and other items. 4, all kinds of deadly poison. 5, marijuana, opium, morphine, heroin, and other can make people addicted to narcotics and psychotropic drugs. 6, dangerous germs, pests and other harmful organisms of animals, plants and their products. 7, coming from epidemic stricken areas and other hazardous to human and animal health, food, medicines or other items can spread the disease. If you are ready to above items back, that is absolutely not. In addition, some of the common items, such as military knives, edge of the sword, simulation toy gun, lighters, prescription drugs, endangered species, decoration or furniture, made of animal and plant specimens, eggs, meat, etc. , these also can't. There are most people don't know the consequences serious contraband ( 1) Wild sea cucumber and north American ginseng Chinese customs once warned: prohibited from carrying any form of wild sea cucumber and north American ginseng entry to China! Attention is, in any form, do not think that with a few slices of dried sea cucumber can enter, regardless of the fresh or dried sea cucumber, sea cucumber eyes equally at the customs without exception, they are all sea cucumber. Customs also stressed that the behavior of any carry sea cucumber home, will be regarded as smuggling. Not only should have been punished, will be recorded in the personal credit record! ! ! ( 2) Animal and plant products most animal fur, hoof, teeth, horns, and the animal origin herbs etc. It is not recommended to carry! Like a tiger bone, rhino horn, ivory and its products will not only be confiscated, and may be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility! ! ! For endangered species products is the focus of the China customs to hunt down! Illegal import, export or by other means of smuggling endangered species of wild fauna and flora and its products, by the customs shall impose penalties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the customs law; If the circumstances are serious, if the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. * * * * book 2, a limited number of items: each person must not exceed 50 or 10 sets of copies; Audio and video products: each person must not exceed 100 dish or 10, 20 plate can be duty-free within; Clothes, shoes, a reasonable range. A person with a lot of same or more of the size of the clothes, shoes, are seen as is beyond the scope of 'reasonable quantity'. Health care products: value shall not exceed RMB 1000 cigarettes, alcohol, cigarettes must not exceed 400 cigarettes, cigars, shall not exceed 100 cigarettes, tobacco must not exceed 500 g; Alcoholic beverages, Alcohol content of more than 12 degrees) No more than 1500 ml ( Personal baggage without carrying alcohol, tobacco,) In general, if you meet the requirements of the customs for identity, clothing, luggage can declare an entry in a reasonable scope. For what is a 'reasonable use' in accordance with the provisions of the customs: 1, for passenger use, rather than for sale or rent for family and friends; 2, reasonable number refers to the customs according to the specific circumstances of the identified normal number. According to provisions of customs with personal, allowances and the limits of the mailed goods in varieties of prohibited or restricted from mail items. To express of inbound and outbound goods, the customs inspection in accordance with the law, and according to the chapter tax or duty. Three, partial shipment packing list returned luggage is more, so most of the passengers will use partial shipment luggage service ( Full name is 'separation of passengers transport baggage') That man can advance to return home, baggage without carried by passengers entering at the same time in the home, but after the passenger entry (within a certain period A period of 6 months) Way to check into, and according to the partial shipment baggage declaration. According to the customs of the People's Republic of China for inward and outward passengers baggage regulatory approach '( The General Administration of Customs to no. 9) Provisions as passengers in separate transportation way into luggage items, when I entry should fill out the law of the People's Republic of China on inward and outward passengers baggage declaration form ', written declaration to the customs, and choose to declare 'channel' customs clearance. The inward and outward passengers baggage declaration form of the People's Republic of China '( Hereinafter referred to as: 'the inbound luggage declaration form') As international logistics items and the 'passport' partial shipment, return entry must go by oneself to declare channel and obtain the signature of the customs, otherwise the points will not be able to transport luggage is temperamental predominance, is likely to make return processing. That how to find declare channel? At the airport, everyone in line out of the customs will see there are two channels, namely the customs set up green 'to declare the channel' and 'red' declare channel 'red declare channel clearance, submitted to the customs entry site submit valid entry-exit documents ( Such as valid passport) And air tickets, etc. ; Then fill in the inward and outward passengers baggage declaration form of the People's Republic of China 'and pay the customs audit stamp. Worthy of special attention is that the separation of transport luggage back from overseas, whatever belongings, even those old clothes and old textbooks, must declare customs signature and get the entry luggage declaration form. If there is no declaration of luggage points waybill, will not be able to customs clearance, personal shipment baggage can not according to the business items submitted to the customs clearance, even willing to pay taxes, it is not allowed.
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