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Dry! Container conventional considerations and loading technique

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
With the increase of the number of immigrants abroad in recent years, increasing way, more and more people will choose international shipping logistics, logistics goods how much is in accordance with customer's own situation to decide. Generally when choosing a shipping container FCL or LCL in several ways, choose FCL without fear, together with other customer's goods transport, the LCL will inevitably encounter mixed loading condition. Small make up today is to give you a wave of dry goods, according to the VIPU international logistics Supply Chain line operation experience, we are in the container when conventional considerations and operation skills. Conventional considerations: general enterprises to export, the main concern in the process of the container is data error, damage to the goods, and goods with the customs declaration data do not accord with, leading to the customs will not release. Therefore, before the container shippers, warehouses, freight forwarders must coordinate and in order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation. 1, different shape, different packing of the goods as far as possible not to put together; 2, light weight of the goods on the above of relatively heavy weight goods; 3, packaging strength weak strength of the goods are to be packed in strong goods above; 4, with sharp corners or have prominent part of the goods, need to cover, in order to avoid the damage of other goods. Container loading technique: container cargo field vanning usually there are three ways: namely all human packing, with a fork lift ( Forklift) Moved into compartments, reoccupy human packing and stowage and all mechanical, such as pallet ( The tray) Goods with the fork lift at the pile in the cabinet. 1, in any case the goods outfit ark, the cargo of the weight in the cabinet cannot exceed the maximum number of loading container, the container total income minus the container weight. Under normal circumstances, the total weight in container and weight of emblem on the door. 2, units volume weight of each container is certain, therefore when loaded in the same goods, as long as know the density of the goods, it can be concluded that the light is heavy goods or goods. ChengQiWei said, if the density is greater than the cases of unit volume weight is heavy cargo, conversely for light cargo. In time and make a clear distinction between the two different situations, is very important to improve loading efficiency. 3, loading to load balance on the bottom, in particular, it is strictly forbidden load weight at one end. 4, avoid to produce concentrated load. “ Such as loading the heavy goods such as machinery and equipment, should be laid on board at the bottom of liner materials, such as trying to diversify its load. Standard container bottom average safety load per unit area is roughly: 20 feet container is 1330 x9. 8 n/m, 40 ft container is 980 x9. 8N/m2。 5, when using manpower loading must pay attention to the packing in presence of & other An inverted & throughout; 、“ Flat & throughout; 、“ A stand & throughout; Indication such as loading and unloading. Be sure to use correct loading tool, bundle package goods is prohibited to use hand hook. In the box on the goods to load and tidy, close stowage. Easy to bundle off and fragile goods, packing to use liner or plywood are inserted into the goods, protect the goods in the mobile in the cabinet. 6, loaded pallet goods, want to exactly grasp the internal dimension and external packing containers, in order to calculate quantity of loading, in order to achieve to reduce his and the purpose of the cargo as much as possible. 7, with a fork lift when packing, the freedom of will be subject to mechanical hoisting height and the height of the door frame. Therefore, in conditions allow, packing and forklift truck can load two layer at a time, but up and down to have a certain gap. If the conditions do not allow loading two layer at a time, on the second floor when loading, considering the freedom of the fork lift the hoisting height and fork lift door frame may be lifting height, then set up high height should be the first layer of cargo door minus free hoisting height, so the second goods can be installed in the upper layer of goods of a third party. In addition, general with normal weight is 2 tons of fork lift, its free hoisting height is around 1250 px. But there is a kind of is all free hoisting height fork lift, the machinery as long as the overall height allowed, not influenced by the height of door is set up, and can easily stowed two layers of the goods. In addition, still should pay attention to the following goods should be covered by stow-wood, so that can make the goods fork out smoothly. Goods in the end, it is best not to naked, at least have a package, don't blindly to save space and lead to damage of goods. General cargo also will have the packing, only like big machines such as boiler, building materials will have trouble, must be tied, tied tightly to prevent loosening. In fact, as long as careful, also won't too much of a problem. Edit comments: after small make up more comprehensive summary, I believe every friend of container loading technique and matters needing attention had certain understanding. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for overseas professionals to provide door to door double customs clearance service, so far has more than 10 years history, with many years practical experience in packing. If you have any international logistics demand, can call our hotline.
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