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Double Eleven Shopping Festival, International Air Transport Air Express has exploded-Air transport knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-29
Abstract: At 10: 00 on November 11, the first batch of 'Double Eleven' air express shipments were successively sent to the cargo storage area of China Southern Airlines Dalian branch. The 'Double Eleven' Air transport peak officially opened. At on November 11, the first batch of 'Double Eleven' air express shipments were successively sent to the cargo area of China Southern Airlines Dalian branch. The 'Double Eleven' air transportation peak was officially opened. In the early stage, the aviation department of Dalian branch launched the 'Double Eleven' preferential policy to deepen the communication between logistics enterprises, improve the level of transportation services, and meet the needs of enterprise logistics. 11- The two-day departure booking on the 12th was full, and the two-day express volume increased by about 20% year-on-year. The outbound express was mainly in beishangguang and Shenzhen and Hangzhou. It is expected that the Express peak brought by the Double Eleven will continue until the evening of the 14th, and the express volume will increase sharply, and the total amount of express mail in four days will reach 300 tons. According to the relevant personnel of the airline, the goods transported by international air during the 'Double Eleven' period are mainly seafood, clothing and food, especially some foods with higher requirements for preservation, logistics methods have chosen fast air transportation. Due to the strong demand for sales in this year's Double Eleven, the logistics is hot. During this period, China Southern Airlines Dalian's inbound and outbound cargo space has been basically booked by several major logistics companies such as SF, Post, Shentong and Yuantong, at present, the flight space of the 'Double Eleven' this week is full. In order to improve the service level of the platform and shorten the waiting time after placing an order, major e-commerce companies began to stock up in advance from the first week of November. China Southern's freight volume has increased significantly since November 1, and the volume of express shipments in the first week of November has also increased by about 10% compared with the previous month. E-Commerce distributes the goods to warehouses all over the country in advance, and more goods have arrived at the warehouse closest to the consumer before the Double Eleven, so that the goods can be received the next day, in addition, the temporary configuration personnel and vehicles of major delivery enterprises will be replaced by ground transportation immediately once the air transportation is in short supply, so as to reduce the accumulation of goods as soon as possible, therefore, this is also the reason why more consumers can receive the goods immediately during the 'Double Eleven' period. I feel that the time for receiving the Courier is the same as usual. In order to cope with the air express peak of 'Double 11', China Southern Airlines Dalian freight combines all the previous 'Double 11' experience, and selects effective means such as air-land combined transport and hub transit, create a 'fast track' for Air Express to reduce transportation time. According to the statistics of the previous double eleven warehousing time, the warehousing time will last at about five o'clock in the morning, and China Southern Airlines will also increase the rotation of staff to ensure the warehousing of express mail, on the 12th, all-weather flights in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Urumqi were all over the country. Make space guarantee, time guarantee and transportation guarantee commitment for all express parcels carried by China Southern Airlines during the 'Double 11' period, give priority to all express parcels booking and deliver on the same day, ensure that the products purchased by online shopping customers can be delivered in time; In the installation stage, the tracking navigation shooting system will be enabled to simultaneously record the video, so that the owner can see the goods at all times; At the same time, the whole process tracking system of goods is enabled for some segments, so as long as the two-dimensional code of goods is scanned, it can be seen where the goods are in minutes; In terms of entering the port, the peak will be ushered in around noon on the 12th. China Southern Airlines Dalian freight will send additional inbound flight support personnel, so that the inbound express mail can be delivered within two hours after the flight landing. China Southern Airlines Dalian freight sales personnel maintain close communication with major express logistics companies in real time, timely feedback on the transportation of express goods, to ensure that there is no accumulation of goods. The relevant personnel of the airline told us that 11- The demand for air transportation is large in December, and the cargo space for flights in major first-tier cities across the country is particularly tight. Please make an appointment in advance to ensure that the goods can be shipped smoothly. VIPUTRANS logistics, 11-year international air transport air logistics service, price advantage, stable flights, one-to-one tracking service, providing one-stop logistics solutions.
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