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DHL international express how much money to Germany how long to _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-02

The federal republic of Germany ( German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland) , or Germany, federal parliamentary republic is located in central Europe countries, Denmark, the western border with the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, south of Switzerland and Austria, the eastern border with the Czech republic and Poland, the country is composed of 16 states, the capital of Berlin, territory covers an area of 357167 square kilometers, mainly temperate climate, a population of about 81. 1 million people DHL international express how much to Germany? How long does it take to arrive? How much is cost? How much is the specific to Germany DHL international express freight need to see how much channel, different channel price is also different DHL international express how long to Germany to normal general cargo DHL within a week can be delivered to the specific to Germany you will be subject to the DHL single number according to the information of the goods, DHL international Courier fee to Germany how to calculate? Chargeable weight units: ems industry generally at 0. 5 kg For a chargeable weight unit. The first heavy and renewal: express mail goods deliver to the first 0. Led by 5 kg weight ( Or lifting) , each additional 0. 5 kg for a sequel. Usually the cost of the lifting relatively heavy higher cost                                

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