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6 common misconceptions about air freight shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-22
Everything that can be transported on the truck can be transported by air: This is a dangerous assumption.
The same transportation safety authority (TSA)
Rules applicable to airline travel also apply to air cargo.
If you have any questions, it is a good idea to check with your carrier before you ship.
The last thing you need is to process your shipment at TSA. 2.
The heavier things always cost more money: this is not the case.
Planes tend to Cube
Before they weigh. out\".
As a result, larger but lightweight packages are much more expensive than smaller, heavier ones.
In many cases, it makes sense to use a commercial shipping box with a custom padded interior than to pack the same items loosely on the slide.
Another limitation of non-slip use is that air cargo transported by truck is limited to 80 \"total height, not 96 \".
The bottom line is that the packaging is the best as small as possible. 3.
Air freight handling is not as rough as truck shipping: the air freight company has a dirty little secret that the goods are usually transported by truck.
The carrier has agreed to deliver before your delivery deadline and there is no guarantee of the shipping method.
In addition to that, as with trucking, the baggage handlers work in air freight.
It\'s better to pack your goods as if they were transported by truck. 4.
Your package will not be opened by anyone but you: Terrorism has broken this assumption (
Bad pun! ).
You should assume that someone will check the contents of your package at some point during the trip.
This may not always happen, but you should be prepared.
It\'s a bad assumption to think that your inspector will take care of and focus on us like you do. packs the skid.
Here, the use of premium, top notch open shipping boxes, instead of slides, can help you.
In the case of easy opening, the smart buffering system will help to ensure that the items being checked are put back where they belong.
If you want to lock your case, use a TSA-approved padlock, which can be opened with a special key carried by TSA officials. 5.
The more valuable the item is, the more meaningful it is to use air freight: this is not necessarily the case.
The problem of value is more about insurance.
Large trucking companies such as the Xbox or YRC are financially as rich as air carriers.
If you use Joe\'s truck for shipping, you may want to read fine prints before sending very valuable items. 6.
The more critical the delivery time is, the more meaningful it is to use air freight: nor is it necessarily the case.
If you are in New York and if your package is not in Los Angeles, the life you know will endA.
By tomorrow, ir shipping is your best choice.
The trucking company offers fast service and you are sure to check your options.
Aircraft are more susceptible to weather and other delays than trucks.
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