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VIPU Supply Chain science: shorthand language commonly used shipping container business

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
International shipping when furniture is the most commonly used mode of transportation of container shipping, container appear perfect solved between countries large cargo international transportation demand and popular for its cost-effective mode of transportation of international logistics is love. Normally multinational logistics professionals will entrust international logistics lp or international freight forwarding company to help complete the operation, no customers ask yourself. But small make up recommend you, although don't know shipping container operation mode, but the commonly used abbreviations in business language, you can still learn a little about is, after all, the freight transportation is closely related with you. Small make up today is to introduce some business in international logistics when shipping container when common shorthand language, after all, more than skill is no burden. A/W all-water All WaterANER travel east Asia north American freight agreement Asia NorthAmerica EastboundRateB/Marine Bill of lading Bill of LadingB L/R purchase price Buying RateBAF fuel surcharge Bunker AdjustmentFactorC& F COST AND sea freight COST AND FREIGHTC. Freight collect CollectC C. 年代。 Container Service ChargeC C Container Service. Y. Container yard Container YardC/( CNEE) Consignee ConsigneeC/O Certificate of origin Certificate of OriginCAF Currency surcharge Currency Adjustment FactorCFS bulk warehouse Container Freight StationCFS/CFS (bulk delivery Start/finish) CHB Customs broker Customs House BrokerCIF COST, INSURANCE and the COST of freight, INSURANCE, FRIGHTCIP Carriage and INSURANCE Paid to Carriage and INSURANCE Paid CommodityCPT ToCOMM goods freight Paid to Carriage Paid ToCTNR ContainerCY cabinet/CY delivery (FCL Start/finish) D/A 承兑交单 Document Against AcceptanceD/O 到港通知 Delivery OrderD/P 付款交单 Document Against PaymentDAF 边境交货 Delivered At FrontierDDC 目的港码头费 Destination Delivery ChargeDDP 完税后交货 Delivered Duty PaidDDU 未完税交货 Delivered Duty UnpaidDEQ 目的港码头交货 Delivered Ex QuayDES 目的港船上交货 Delivered Ex ShipDoc# 文件号码 Document NumberEPS 设备位置附加费 Equipment Position SurchargesEx 工厂交货 Work/ExFactoryF/F 货运代理 Freight ForwarderFAF 燃料附加费 Fuel AdjustmentFactorFAK 各种货品 Freight All KindFAS 装运港船边交货 Free Alongside ShipFCA 货交承运人 Free CarrierFCL 整柜 Full Container LoadFeeder Vessel/Lighter 驳船航次  FEU 40‘ Forty - tank type 40英尺当量单位” Federal Maritime commission FMC Federal Maritime CommissionFOB fob Free On BoardGRI comprehensive price increases General RateIncreaseH/C Handling fee ChargeHBL child within the House bill of lading B/LI/S sales Inside SalesIA pricing individual Independent ActionL/C l/C Letter of CreditLand Bridge, Bridge LCL spell ark is Less Than Container LoadM/T measurement ( The goods fee to size the billing) Measurement TonMB/L Master Bill Of lading is Master Bill Of LoadingMLB small bridge, from one port to another port Minni Land BridgeMother Vessel mother Vessel MTD Multimodal Transport documents Multimodal Transport DocumentN/F inform NotifyNVOCC nvocc Non Vessel OperatingCommon CarrierO/F Ocean sea freight FreightOBL Marine Ocean Bill Of lading ( 或原始) B/LOCP shipper arrange to inland point Overland Continental PointOP OperationORC local receiving operation cost ( Guangdong charge) Origen Recevie ChargesP. P prepaid PrepaidPCS Port Congestion surcharge Port Congestion SurchargePOD purpose Port Port Of DestinationPOL surcharge for the loading Port Port Of LoadingPSS Peak Season SuchargesS/( Shpr) Shipper ShipperS/C Sales contract Sales ContractS/O loading instruction book Shipping OrderS/R price shot RateS/S Spread Sheet Spread SheetSC Service contract Service ContractSSL Steam Ship company Ship LineT. O. THC C Terminal Operations OptionT. R。 C Terminal charge tank Terminal identifiers ChargeT/S transshipment, transshipment Trans - ShipT/T range Transit TimeTEU 20 & lsquo; Twenty-three ark type 20英尺当量单位” THC THC ( Hong Kong charge) Terminal Handling ChargesTTL TotalTVC/TVR regular quantitative Contract a total Time Volume Contract/RateVOCC shipping company Vessel Operating Common CarrierW/M tons in Weight or Measurement of from high charge Weight or Measurement tonW/T tons of Weight ( The goods charge by weight) Weight TonYAS terminal surcharge Yard Surcharges edit summary: the shorthand is arranged according to the first letter pinyin sequence, abbreviated + English + Chinese whole put together form, we can according to your need keywords to retrieve. VIPU perennial international logistics Supply Chain for the general logistics people to go abroad to provide international shipping furniture business, double clearance door to door service, make your logistics abroad of road traffic. If you have this aspect demand, welcome to contact our business consultant, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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