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Transit goods must also be declared to the customs

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Transit goods refer to goods that depart from abroad and continue to be sent abroad by land in China by a certain means of transportation. Goods under customs supervision from entry to exit shall be subject to customs supervision. Without the permission of the customs, no unit or individual may open, withdraw, pay, ship, exchange, modify, mortgage, transfer or change the mark.

Transit allowed

Transit goods from countries that have signed transit goods agreements with my country, or those that are received and shipped from countries that have signed railway intermodal transport agreements with my country, shall be permitted to transit in accordance with the relevant agreements.

For transit goods from countries that have not signed the above-mentioned agreements with my country, they shall be approved by the national economic, trade and transportation authorities and filed with the customs at the place of entry before allowing transit.

No transit

1. Goods from or to countries and regions where my country has stopped or prohibited trade.

2. Various weapons, ammunition, explosives and munitions (except those transported by military means).

3. Various potent poisons, narcotics and opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine and other drugs.

4. Other goods and articles whose transit is prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations.

The operator shall apply to the customs for the customs declaration registration manual with the approval document of the competent department and the business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce. Only after approval by the customs can they be responsible for handling customs declaration matters. 'Operator' refers to an enterprise that has the right to operate international freight forwarding agency business and has the business scope of transit freight forwarding agency business (international multimodal transport) approved by the national economic and trade department.

When transit goods enter the country, the operator shall truthfully declare to the customs at the place of entry and submit the following documents:

1. 'Customs Declaration Form for Transit Goods by the Customs of the People's Republic of China' (in quadruplicate);

2. Transit cargo transport documents (waybill, loading list, loading list, etc.);

3. Other documents required by the customs (invoice, packing list, etc.)

The customs may inspect the transit goods when it deems it necessary. When the customs inspects the goods in transit, the operator and the carrier shall be present and responsible for moving the goods, unpacking and resealing the goods according to the requirements of the customs, and signing the customs inspection records.

Transit goods shall be transported out of the country within six months from the date of entry. Under special circumstances, the period may be extended with the approval of the customs, but the extension period shall not exceed three months.

When transit goods leave the country, the operator shall submit the declaration to the customs and the customs at the place of entry for inspection and the seal issued by the customs at the place of entry and other documents required by the customs. If there is any change in the goods, the operator shall also submit a written certificate.
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