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The difference between ISF and AMS filing

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
AMS filing, mainly in the bill of lading information, freight forwarders can control in the declaration. ISF filing is mainly on the supply chain entity unit, part of the information on the buyer, partial information in the seller, how to effectively integrate these information, start times are difficult. If the forwarder declare ISF, must be in the tank, has collected the importer order PO ( 采购订单) And the goods of order number. The item number ( 项目编号) Corresponding hs code ( HTSUS) 。 The goods to the warehouse in the United States, or specific name, address. The consignee's us tax id and importer in the United States government registration file number. If the declaration by importers, when the declaration must communicate well ship date, because must be declared in the 24 hours before boarding. The manufacturer name, address, in some cases, the importer will provided by the seller. Goods loading entities of the company's name and address, it also need and forwarder confirmation.
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