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The DHL waybill and fill in the _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-02
Recently, the international express delivery giant DHL expanding investment for the Chinese market, fierce competition for its logistics greatly reduced prices, especially for DHL, making them first choice for many international students go abroad to mail Courier, DHL international waybill how to write that? Choose DHL, must fill out a waybill, namely the DHL waybill, air waybill is to ensure that the express mail to send you ticket and passport. The DHL waybill how to fill in: 1, the sender's account. If the freight on your DHL account, please fill in your account here. If you don't have the account, please pay by cash. Please note that even if you choose to pay by the recipient or a third party, still must indicate the sender's account. 2, contact name. Please fill in the sender's name in English. 3, the sender's remarks. Please fill in your custom reference code, this number will be displayed on your DHL account ( Only the first 12 words) To assist you confirm the content of the goods, send a reason and the materials of the sender. 4, the sender information. In English, please fill in the sender's company name, address and department. 5, the recipient information. Please fill in the recipient in English the name of the company and department, address, etc. , and remind you to fill in the recipient's zip code, contact number and contact name. Please do not fill in the post office box number. 6, total weight and volume. Please fill in the cargo weight and each item with volume ( Length * width * height in cm) 。 7, taxable package. To make a smooth export goods, please fill the item data, including to declare the real value of usd. 8, the tariff/other taxes acting mat. As long as you check; 托运人” Or; 其他“ DHL will provide destination paid tariffs. If you choose; 其他“ , please fill in the payment of 96 global account. ( This service is not applicable to all regions) 9, the sender's signature. Please sign sender in block letters in this column, and indicate the date ( To sign in Chinese) 。 The DHL waybill fill deserve special puts forward some matters needing attention: 1, be sure to select the mode of payment. Choose to pay by the recipient or by a third party payment, please fill in the payer account. If the account error or refuse to pay the freight, the freight charges will automatically the sender's account. As to the service center to send a, please choose, cash or credit card payment, if choose cheque, please open a cash cheque. 2, owner's rights and interests of insurance, it is suggested that in us dollars ( 美元) Fill in the insured value of goods. If more information of DHL international express, DHL, DHL query problem such as price, you can find website customer service consultation.
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