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The Czech international express, China how to send to the Czech republic express _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-29
The Czech international express delivery, express how to send to the Czech republic of China, in order to better serve the cross-border electricity group, shenzhen VIPUTRANS international logistics to DHL, UPS, EMS express, FEDEX express the Czech international line, security escort for domestic customers across each parcel arrived in the Czech republic. The tax package bao qing guan, high cost-effective, sent a simple way, cost transparent, for customers to save transportation costs and transportation time, let the customer enjoy transport enterprises to the world. China sent to the Czech operation process: 1, the first ready you need to mail to the foreign electronic products, packaging and packaging is good. 2, the line contact shenzhen international customer service personnel, confirm the good price and warehouse address. 3, all the lines of the international express delivery to shenzhen warehouse, add customer service will give to the address. 4, after waiting for the warehouse receive the goods, we will package the cargo, checking, sealing, packing, etc. , to abroad to collect information, shenzhen information needed for the line and make delivery. 5, payment The shipment - Fly out - of goods Destination - Customs clearance - Delivery - Sign for it. China to the Czech republic express the advantages of 1, the price preferential benefit: walk through aioexpress international Courier such as DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, you will enjoy the official price of ultra-low discount. 2, easy to send, if you do not know how to send the international express delivery, we will have the special customer service to help you complete the safe and fast international distribution scheme. 3, professional services: if you have any need, we will help you will parcel to repackage, to send the parcel in accordance with international standards; Reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging and postage; Reinforce the package and improve the safety of the package. 4, efficient security: when we receive your parcel realize the warehousing, the first shipment, Beijing time at 6 PM before the package will be sent in the day of payment. 5, online payment, we support the paypal, international credit card, domestic Banks, such as online payment, let you never leave home can easily complete the order. 6, from door: we can offer door to door in shenzhen area, other areas we can help you to contact the local delivery company to realize the door to take.
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