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The basic operation process of loading vehicle

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
Container ship vehicle packing method

   Cars, small trucks, various loading and unloading vehicles, bulldozers, road rollers and small tractors can be transported on container ships in containers. Ordinary cars and small trucks can be loaded and transported directly with ordinary containers; and for special vehicles such as loading and unloading trucks, bulldozers, road rollers and tractors, frame cabinets or flat cabinets are usually used for loading and transportation.

1. Loading and fixing operations of cars and small trucks

  Small cars and small trucks generally use international standard containers for loading and transportation. Special attention should be paid to the reinforcement operation of cars and small trucks in standard containers. If the shipper has special requirements, you can omit A and B according to the shipper’s requirements, and only use C for processing. This simple reinforcement scheme is limited to the special requirements of the cargo owner or the vehicle with very light weight.

A) Use wooden flutes to fix the circumference of the wheel to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Or use square wooden strips nailed into a tic-tac-shaped wooden frame under the wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling. The corrugated or tic-shaped wooden frame needs to be fixed on the bottom of the container.

B) Use gauze or rags to line the parts where the tire is in contact with the bottom of the box or the wooden strips to prevent secondary damage to the vehicle parts.

C) Apply lashing straps for tightening. The lashing strap is passed through the wheel hub of the vehicle and then tightened by the tie ring on the container to prevent the vehicle from going up and down.

2. Loading and fixing operations of large vehicles

Large vehicles generally need to be loaded and transported in special containers, such as frame cabinets and flat cabinets, because of their own weight or external dimensions.

A) The problem of concentrated load should be considered when loading such vehicles, so the bottom of the box should be lined to disperse the load reasonably. It is usually treated with a whole board or wood flute.

B) The contact part between the vehicle and the container should be treated with anti-friction or sliding treatment. The rubber tires are usually protected with sand or cloth; the contact parts of the vehicle track and the container are generally lined with thick wooden boards for anti-skid treatment, because the contact between iron and iron is prone to slip;

C) The reinforcement treatment of the wheel part is the same as above;

D) The operation of lashing the reinforced part is the same as above; considering the material of the goods, lashing straps are usually used instead of steel wire ropes for lashing.

E) Use tarpaulin for surface protection. Because frame cabinets and flat cabinets are different from closed containers, in order to better protect the goods themselves, surface protection treatment should be carried out according to the specific conditions of the goods.

Ro-Ro Vehicle Shipment Method

  Ro-Ro ships are different from container ships because they have different structures and different ship types, so the way they load and transport goods is also very different. Ro-ro ships are equipped with a large cabin space, and vehicles are more convenient to enter and exit the cabin. The ro-ro ship is to directly fix the vehicle in the cabin for loading and transportation, which is greatly different from the operation mode of container ship that needs to transfer the containers. Matters needing attention in the way of ro-ro vehicle loading:

A) The richness of ro-ro ship schedule configuration is far lower than that of container cargo ships.

B) The billing method for ro-ro ships is not based on standard containers.

C) The reinforcement treatment of the ro-ro ship is carried out and completed directly in the cabin.

D) The fixing scheme of the wheels is the same as above.

E) The fixing scheme of the car body is similar to the above.
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