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Teach you how self-help volume forecast before international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
In the international logistics, shipping is by volume ( Cubic CBM) Calculate the price, so the most main is the volume of items to accounting, in order to transparency of the volume of goods, prevent other informal logistics lp estimates blindly, increase unnecessary costs, you can according to the following way, there is a preliminary concept. 1. Usually can use tape measure the items the longest, the width, and the highest trilateral, according to the data multiplication can be a single item (volume L*W*H) , such as below: ( Note: the packing of the volume will increase slightly) 2. Besides furniture, other items scattered can't use the tape measure, such as: clothes, shoes, handicrafts, books, bedding, home appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances and other goods, according to the estimate of the amount calculated using: such as clothing box size: 40 cm * 60 cm * 50 cm = 0. 12m³ ( Eight clothing box is about 1 CBM) ; Books box size: 55 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm = 0. 07m³ ( 14 books box is about 1 CBM) ; Dress hanger containers size: 100 cm * 60 cm * 50 cm = 0. 3m³ ( Three dress hanger containers is about 1 CBM) 。 3. Net volume & amp; Net volume is the volume of the goods haven't packed measured volume, total volume is packaged goods into the box after loading container or bound volume in the tray. The final billing price is based on the total volume of the item, so, for your own measurement items, need to increase 20% About 30% of the reserve volume. So it can guarantee fees in accordance with, according to the payment. 4. Saves the coup may be some small items such as bedding, clothing and so on with a clean bag wrapped in a drawer of furniture, interlayer or other space, premise is that under the condition of furniture itself is not very heavy, save a volume, also save the cost, such as to carry some luggage, bin, can put some small items in a fill, clothes, quilts and other vacuum bags available compressed volume. If you to estimate the volume of your items or bad, you can use VIPU international logistics Supply Chain international website volume forecast tool, can according to the name of the item below a single forecast volume and a quick query, convenient you the volume of items for their own have a preliminary concept.
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