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Relationship between logistics and distribution

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-24
With the continuous development in recent years, China's economic strength has been greatly improved, and various industries have been affected by it. It has also developed rapidly. Among them, the logistics and distribution industry is particularly prominent, and the logistics and distribution companies in cities are vying for a lot, and this is why As a result, the service aquatic products of China's logistics distribution companies are uneven. 'Transportation' and 'distribution' can be regarded as two steps in the whole process of logistics. Then, what is the relationship between transportation and distribution? Complementary relationship between transportation and distribution: Transportation and distribution are line activities. Due to the functional differences, they cannot be replaced by each other, complement each other, are interdependent, and complement each other. The logistics system allows the products produced by the enterprise to finally reach the hands of users to achieve consumption purposes. , Delivery concept. According to the transportation principle and distance principle, large-scale, long-distance transportation is reasonable, but it can not meet the requirements of distributed consumption. However, small batches and multi-batch distribution are more in line with consumer spending habits. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for long-distance transportation. Therefore, the two cooperate with each other to learn from each other. Logistics activities are divided into line activities and node activities according to whether or not the goods are moved. 1. The line moving body can generally be understood as the external movement of the article, which refers to the movement of the location of the article. Node activity can be understood as the internal activity of the item, meaning that the item has not moved in position. 2. Line activities play a greater role in creating the spatial utility of items; 3. Node activity plays a greater role in the time utility of creating items, and it usually takes place in an organization's internal place. For example, in the loading, unloading, handling, misfortune, processing, etc. of goods carried out in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers, line activities play a greater role in creating the space utility of goods; 4. Node activity plays a greater role in the time utility of creating items, and it usually takes place in an organization's internal place. For example, loading, unloading, handling, failure, processing, etc. of goods in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers, China's logistics distribution model: I. Intensive physical logistics distribution model: integrate China's existing logistics distribution companies and build an intensive logistics distribution system. 1. Merge, reorganize, and optimize the allocation of logistics and distribution resources to logistics companies in various industries and departments in local areas. 2. Carry out cross-industry, cross-sector and cross-region integration across the country to form a networked information, socialization, automation, integration, and multi-functional distribution system. Second, the distribution model of virtual logistics enterprises. With the help of modern computer technology, network technology, and communication technology, relying on external logistics resources, we can develop logistics distribution agency business. Virtual logistics enterprises establish extensive contacts with suppliers, specialized physical logistics distribution enterprises, and customers through their own developed information network systems. On the basis of signing agreements, specialized physical logistics distribution enterprises complete distribution operations. Third, the third-party logistics distribution model. Enterprises that implement e-commerce marketing will hand over relevant distribution business links such as distribution, packaging, warehousing, transportation, and delivery to professional logistics distribution companies. After the supplier obtains the demand information from the demander, it contacts the specialized logistics company through its information network system. The logistics company signs an agency agreement with the supplier on the basis of the agreement between the first and second parties, and completes the logistics distribution agency business according to the agreement .
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