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Reduce logistics costs and help the economy recover

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-01
 Optimize the 'soft environment', enhance the 'hard power', reduce costs in other industries through logistics, and smooth the entire economic cycle

  Through continuous cost reductions, countless market players will pack lightly, stay in the green hills, win the future, and inject strong impetus into China’s economic development.   

  Logistics is the bloodline of the economy and an important link in the smooth circulation of the national economy. The 'Implementation Opinions on Further Reduction of Logistics Costs' is released, which is expected to become a 'first move' for China's economy to cope with the test and break the waves.

   The reduction of logistics costs is not a new measure, but a systematic project that has been advancing for many years. In recent years, my country has steadily reduced the level of social logistics costs through measures such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the logistics industry and reducing institutional costs. Statistics show that in the past three years, the Ministry of Transport has adopted quantifiable measures to reduce logistics costs by 88.2 billion yuan, 98.1 billion yuan, and 80.5 billion yuan respectively. The scale is considerable and worthy of recognition. At the same time, we must also realize that the connection between different modes of transportation such as roads, waterways, railways, shipping, and aviation is not smooth enough, and the degree of marketization in some fields and links is not high, and there is still room for compression of logistics costs.

   The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought a lot of impact to my country's economy, and reducing logistics costs is particularly urgent and important. During the epidemic prevention and control period, affected by the 'hard isolation' of transportation channels, the logistics field once experienced increased links, reduced efficiency, shortage of manpower, and shortage of supply. This has not only caused many logistics companies to face production and operation difficulties, but also brought pressure on real economy companies to increase logistics costs. In response to this situation, the Party Central Committee and the State Council acted decisively, deployed in a timely manner, and adopted special policies such as exemption of vehicle tolls for toll roads across the country for a certain period of time, helping the transportation and logistics 'leading officials' to return to normal in a short period of time, effectively driving the resumption of work Production, business resumption and market resumption. The next step is to help the majority of enterprises to cope with the test and overcome difficulties, focusing on the logistics field generally related to all walks of life is the meaning of the question. The purpose of the 'Opinions' is to further reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency, leverage the continued recovery of the real economy, and provide support and guarantee for the accelerated restoration of production and living order.

  Logistics open up the 'main artery', it is necessary to further optimize the 'soft environment', and release system dividends through deepening reforms. In the 'Opinions', some measures focus on creating a market-oriented and rule-of-law business environment, such as optimizing approvals, promoting customs clearance facilitation, managing over-limit and overloading, increasing road law enforcement, and deepening railway market-oriented reforms. Reduce the cost of the logistics system; some measures start with production factors such as land and capital to reduce the cost of factors for the development of the logistics industry; other measures are intended to give benefits to enterprises and directly reduce the burden on logistics enterprises, such as implementing preferential tax policies in the logistics field and reducing Highway traffic costs, lower railway air freight charges, etc. When these directional and powerful measures are gradually implemented, the development environment of the logistics industry will continue to improve and market vitality will continue to increase.

  The smooth flow of 'micro-circulation' of goods requires further enhancement of 'hard power' to promote the quality and efficiency of logistics enterprises themselves. For a long time, China’s road freight industry has been 'multiple, small, scattered, and weak'. The industry concentration is not high, which not only affects the overall strength of the logistics industry, but also reduces the operational efficiency of the logistics system. The release of the 'Opinion' is expected solve these problems. Among them, cultivating key logistics companies and encouraging large-scale logistics companies to market-oriented mergers and reorganizations not only adapts to the trend of accelerated survival of the fittest in the industry under the influence of the epidemic, but also helps to cultivate 'leading' to drive the rapid progress of the entire industry; strengthen information sharing and make information more transparent , More precise matching and more scientific organization will make logistics more intelligent and efficient. In addition, promoting the efficient connection of logistics facilities and reducing the cost of logistics intermodal transport will also help to break the 'medium obstruction' of multimodal transport, allowing goods to move and circulate between sea, land and air more easily and freely.

   Looking at the overall situation from reducing logistics costs, various cost-reducing policies and measures have been introduced over the years, forming a strong synergy to support the development of the real economy. This year's 'Government Work Report' emphasized that 'increase tax and fee reduction' and 'promote the reduction of production and operation costs of enterprises', and also focus on effectively reducing operating costs and helping market players to relieve their development. From exemption of pension, unemployment and work-related injury insurance contributions for small and medium-sized enterprises, reduction and exemption of value-added tax for small-scale taxpayers; to exemption of service value-added tax for public transportation, catering and accommodation, tourism and entertainment, culture and sports; to reduction and exemption of state-owned real estate rents, Encourage all types of owners to reduce or slow down rent collection...A series of cost-cutting measures have formed a combination, which is expected to reduce the burden of enterprises by more than 2.5 trillion yuan throughout the year. It can be expected that through continuous cost reductions, countless market players will go to the battlefield, stay in the green hills, win the future, and inject strong impetus into China's economic development.

   Logistics cost reduction has a strong leverage effect. Cost reduction through logistics can reduce costs in other industries and smooth the entire economic cycle. It is hoped that one of the measures proposed in the 'Opinions' can be implemented in detail. While helping the logistics industry gradually pick up, the cost of bringing animal flows will gradually decrease, so that the real economy will operate smoothly and steadily. (Liu Zhiqiang)
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