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Need to provide what documents _VIPUTRANS import and export airfreight

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-27
With the rapid development of import and export trade, air transportation has gradually become the dominant mode of transportation, because of its timeliness and safety than other modes of transportation, so the air freight market share is increasing year by year. From the statistics of the total amount of China's customs import and export trade in recent years, it is not hard to see, increasing the proportion of air freight import and export the same. What documents need to provide all of the import and export airfreight then. Below small make up give you specific introduction. ( A) 1, export documents, export customs declaration, The export unit declaration specially designed) 2, packing list, The export unit official seal) 3, invoice, The export unit official seal) 4, the contract of sale, The export unit specially designed seal or contract) 5, agent transport and customs declaration a power of attorney, the export goods contracting agreement 7, 8, export foreign exchange verification sheet export goods declaration form ( The commodity inspection certificate) ( If any) 9, other declaration documents ( Such as mechanical and electrical approval, export quota license, etc. ) ( If any) ( 2) , import documents 1, 2, master air waybill, the arrival of the notice, waybill, random file ( * *, packing list and non-wooden packing certificate, quota license, etc. ) 3, certificate of imported goods delivery 4, customs declaration, import goods declaration a power of attorney 5, 6, warehouse outbound records related import approval 7, imported goods delivery note
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