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How to solve the problem of Amazon FBA head transportation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-27
Amazon FBA needs to choose small products with high quality, small volume and high profit, then choose the right products and send them to Amazon's FBA warehouse. We all know that Amazon FBA warehouses will only provide services when products arrive at FBA warehouses. The journey from the factory to the FBA warehouse requires all kinds of tossing and even various problems, which Amazon does not care about. Who will bear it? Of course, it can only be the seller. First of all, what is the head of FBA? From the factory to the destination, the whole transportation process of Amazon FBA warehouse, including the whole transportation process, such as customs clearance and tariff payment, is what we call 'Amazon FBA first journey '. How to solve the problem of Amazon FBA? Chinese sellers choose overseas Amazon FBA warehouses, which are usually concentrated in Europe, Japan and North America, therefore, sellers can choose different modes of transportation according to the overseas Amazon FBA warehouse address, Amazon FBA cargo weight and time requirements (Such as air, sea)To solve this problem. Second, FBA head road transportation mode 1. Air transport 1) The process and timeliness of air transportation. The whole process of air transportation is: domestic delivery → domestic airport takeoff → air transportation to destination port → distribution to Amazon FBA warehouse. We all know that air transportation is relatively fast, but the cost is very high. 2)Cost of Air Transportation: Freight and customs duties; Air transportation will include freight and customs duties. Among them, freight is the main cost. Shipping from different international logistics companies, shipping costs are also different. The seller can consult the specific cost of the international express company, the international logistics company will calculate the price according to the specific address of the Amazon FBA warehouse, the volume and weight of the product. The use of international logistics companies for Amazon FBA's first-trip shipments may also generate customs duties. Different countries have different tariff policies on import and export goods and will adjust them at different times. For example, the tax exemption limit for overseas imported goods in the United States was originally 200 US dollars, but in March 2016, 800 US dollars was mentioned. As long as the declared value of imported goods does not exceed 800 US dollars, there will be no tariff. For Chinese sellers, it is a good opportunity for development. 2. Shipping 1) The process of shipping and the time limit of shipping need to involve customs clearance. It is very difficult to do it in your own name. It is usually in the name of the company. The main shipping methods are: whole container export, bulk cargo export, bulk cargo ship export, ro-ro ship export. This process includes: the buyer prepares Amazon FBA products and related documents → booking the cabin → releasing the cabin → arranging the trailer → arranging the customs declaration → confirming the release → express delivery to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Compared with air transportation, the cost performance of sea transportation is relatively high, but the timeliness is very low. Maorong said that it takes at least 25 days from China to the United States. If you are a big seller, and the time is not too high, the product will not be damaged due to moisture, you can choose shipping. 2) The cost of shipping design and related documents include freight, taxes, customs fees, cabin rent, cabinet rent, board fees, etc. Of course, the specific operating costs, the seller can consult VIPUTRANS, VIPUTRANS will also determine the price according to the specific address of the Amazon FBA warehouse and the size and weight of the shipped products. At the same time, due to different goods, the required customs clearance data will be different. The seller needs to cooperate with the transportation company and prepare documents and materials in advance. Basic information includes: Bill of Lading, contract, packing list, invoice, etc. You can first understand the corresponding national import policies and trade barriers of Amazon FBA warehouse to prepare for FBA's head transportation. Among the four major international express delivery companies, the most famous international logistics companies are DHL and UPS (UPS is a logistics service provider recommended by Amazon), FEDEX, TNT, etc. These companies have greater advantages in terms of timeliness, price, service or customs clearance. Therefore, the above-mentioned well-known international express delivery companies are currently the most commonly used by small and medium-sized sellers.
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