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How to ship old furniture to Melbourne

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Melbourne is one of the living cities with pleasant climate, elegant environment and high quality of life. After immigrants settled in Melbourne, they were dissatisfied with domestic furniture, and because of the high price of foreign furniture or the style that they don’t like. At this time, I want to ship the furniture used in China to Melbourne, so how do I ship the old furniture to Melbourne? VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics summarizes many years of service experience and provides the following suggestions: First, understand some basic information about shipping old furniture. Because old furniture is large in size, it is definitely not cost-effective to ship by air or express, so by sea, we must first Know what the shipping process is, what is the whole cabinet, consolidation, what is door-to-door service, door-to-door service, door-to-door value-added service, etc. Generally speaking, the seaborne export process refers to an orderly combination of a series of activities carried out by foreign trade export workers during export work. It includes activities such as quotation, ordering, payment, packaging, customs clearance, and preparation and shipment. The sea export process is about sea cargo transportation. The whole cabinet and the combined cabinet are the shipping methods you choose according to the number of items you want to transport. Door-to-port: When the goods arrive at the port, you must go to the port customs with the bill of lading and relevant documents and documents to pick up the goods by yourself and arrange for the vehicle to be returned. Door-to-door: When the goods arrive at the port of destination, the local agency will handle customs clearance and related procedures on behalf of the consignee, and deliver the goods to the designated delivery location for you to hand over. Door-to-door value-added services: About one week before your goods arrive in Hong Kong, our agents abroad have prepared customs clearance materials for you based on the past materials provided by them, and will be delivered to you by mail and fax for your signature confirmation. , After receiving the signature confirmation document sent back by you, customs clearance will be processed as soon as your items arrive in Hong Kong. After customs clearance is completed, they will be delivered to your home at the time you appointed, and the outer packaging and garbage will be removed. Assemble simple old furniture service 2. Choose shipping logistics company 1. Find several shipping agent logistics companies, compare service prices, and choose the one you are most satisfied with. 2. Carefully screen the quotation documents. As long as there is a quotation document issued by the company, it is believed that the services that should be reflected will be presented one by one; the services that cannot be achieved cannot be boasted in the documents. 3. Contracts are full of legal benefits; as far as a company is concerned, it will not be entangled in lawsuits for petty gains. For a company, there are two most precious things: the first is time, and the second is its signature. 4. The above points can basically give you 80% of the selectivity; if you are still a little worried, visit the door yourself, the same city can identify the true and the false. 3. Service process The shipping process of transporting old furniture to Melbourne (home packing and picking up-booking-loading-fumigation-customs declaration-shipping-customs clearance-tax payment-customs inspection-delivery-loading and unloading furniture-taking garbage) door to door Door one-stop service; save you more time. 1. Confirm with the logistics company the specific time to ship (specifically to the date of the month) and choose the shipping company to book the space (the sailing time of different shipping companies is different, and each shipping company has one ship per week). 2. Provide the address and confirm the loading time (specifically to the few months and days) logistics company will arrange staff to pick up the goods and pack them, and arrive at the designated place on time after completion to wait for the loading. 3. On the day of loading, the logistics company contacted the staff of the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to come and stamp the log materials packed in wooden racks/pallets/wooden boxes, and wait for loading after stamping. After the cabinet is installed, the staff will apply medicine for fumigation and close the cabinet door and drag it to the dock to wait for the boat to start. 4. Customs declaration: Our company arranges staff to declare customs. This operation only requires you to provide a list of goods and a personal passport. 5. After customs clearance, the ship can be arranged and shipped to Australia. After a period of voyage (usually about 13-20 days), the logistics company will arrange customs clearance when the ship arrives at the port of destination. 6. After customs clearance, the goods will be delivered to the door. The logistics company arranges professionals to follow the car to help unload the goods and assemble the furniture, and take away the disassembled waste packaging materials for special treatment, which is easy, convenient and fast. 4. Some suggestions on shipping to Melbourne 1. New immigrants or citizens living overseas can bring (bring back) to Australia tax-free self-use items and personal property owned and used for more than 12 months in the place of residence. The information required to apply for logistics to Australia for tax-free customs clearance includes: copies of passport and photo page and visa page, and application form for tax-free entry of personal belongings. 2. The customs clearance documents need to be communicated with the customer service in advance, and then provide a copy; the filled-in document form also needs to be completed in advance; it cannot bring the risk of delay in the customs clearance cycle; 3. Signing, it is necessary to purchase insurance in our logistics process Less; then, once there is an abnormality when signing for, be sure to note the situation on the receipt; at the same time, notify the service party to arrange the insurance procedure. 4. The items to be transported must not include political and dangerous goods, and there are some such as: food (dry goods and meat), alcohol (alcohol, combustion), medicine (cold medicine can be used, health care products and other Drugs and alcohol are not acceptable). Generally on these, special items will be consulted separately. 5. The items to be transported contain wood, which must not have bark and mold. If you need to ship old furniture to Melbourne, you can call VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company for more information.
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