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How to save worry save money to choose international logistics lp?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
International migration shipping logistics is no longer strange for us, for we choose an international migration shipping company is not difficult; However, in such a situation; How to choose a cost-effective and international shipping companies is somewhat challenging. Today, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up on how to choose a cost-effective and service and gives some Suggestions on international migration of shipping company. 1, international migration, shipping logistics lp which good? The first step is to collect the company information and personal data; The second step, get quotation, service agreement, packing and other professional guidance documents; The third step, understand the integrity of packaging materials; Fourth, get past service case; Fifth, understand the past evaluation of customers. 2, how to see? International migration shipping logistics gradually transparent prices, mainly for service category and comparing value-added services; As long as is the mainstream of the include services, advice from price to start. 3, international migration shipping logistics lp rankings? According to the above questions, we look at from the point of view; If for detail experience value rank are selected from scale and marketing, of course, if the price still see some practical details. 4, international migration shipping logistics cost? Immigration logistics cost based on the selected type of service, immigration logistics is divided into three main types of services; Respectively LCL logistics, door to port service, door to door service, the matched service category and integrity has a certain difference in price between difference. Is roughly divided into packaging clearance fee, dock fee with overseas international shipping clearance delivery cost of installation. 5, the international shipping logistics note those immigrants? Above points are immigrants shipping logistics needed to pay attention to details, followed by us embargo items in the logistics process and packing details; Reasonable avoid shipping prohibited with the embargo of customs can easily avoid minefields, packaging can be divided into conventional and unconventional, irregular items mainly is fragile and precious, larger such as reasonable selection can be packed in wooden cases.
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