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How to reasonably plan time for multinational logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
In recent years, whether you are immigrating overseas, working abroad, or studying in other countries, you have inevitably moved your luggage across borders, especially multinational logistics, facing clothing, shoes, books, bicycles, toys, kitchenware, bedding, sofas, and pianos. , Mahogany furniture...If you want to move these items abroad without affecting your own use, it is very important to plan your time in advance, so how should multinational logistics plan your travel time? 1. Time to prepare for international logistics to go overseas. Most of the way of consigning furniture and daily necessities is by sea. However, there is an inevitable problem here. Because of the long-distance transportation across oceans, the sea does not have an advantage in time. Although the route coverage of major liner companies is now very high, and the routes between the major basic ports in the world are also very dense, the whole journey will still take a long time due to the speed of the ships. Taking China to Australia shipping, the shipping time from Shanghai or Hong Kong to Melbourne or Sydney is more than 15 days. If shipping from China to the eastern United States or Europe, it will take longer. Generally speaking, the shipping schedules for some common immigration purposes are: about 25-35 days for the west coast of the United States; about 35-45 days for the east coast of the United States; about 15-25 days for Vancouver; 210-30 days for Toronto; 18-25 days for Australia; Singapore 5-10 days; Japan 8-15 days. The above sailing schedule is the time from sailing to cargo arrival. In addition to knowing the shipping time limit, you also need to know the time for customs declaration and clearance on both sides. Under normal circumstances, the domestic declaration time is 7-10 working days, while the time required for foreign customs clearance is different in different countries. The United States generally takes 5 working days. Around, Australia and New Zealand are generally within 2 weeks, Europe is generally about a week, and Canada is special. The consignee needs to go to the customs office to receive consultation and assist in customs clearance. Generally, it can be released on the same day. In this way, the entire logistics time comes out, such as the time to move from China to San Francisco: 7+25+5, at least about 37 days (excluding domestic transportation). So when you are going to choose to transport your own furniture items by sea, according to the schedule of visas and air tickets, it is recommended to prepare for multinational logistics 2 months in advance and reserve half a month for packing and sorting. It is best to arrange it after you land. Ships arriving in Hong Kong within a week will have sufficient time to prepare for customs clearance. 2. Item handling before logistics In order to save logistics time, adequate preparations must be made. You can make a list of items that need to be moved in advance, then confirm the volume, and determine what method to use for transportation according to the opinions of the international logistics company, such as: LCL and FCL transportation. First of all, almost 99% of people would think: sort the items before logistics, and which items must be taken away. You can decide whether to carry these items according to the relevant information of the destination country. For example, when logistics goes to the United States, do we need to move furniture? I believe that after you have investigated the American furniture market, if you like Chinese furniture, you can choose to buy a set of furniture from China. For example, if logistics goes to Canada, the safety voltage in Canada is 110V, while the voltage of domestic electrical appliances is generally 220V, so Electrical appliances were basically unusable in the past; for another example, if you don’t like soft mattresses in Australia, you should transport domestic mattresses; for example, New Zealand prohibits animal and plant products from entering the country, so when preparing items , Be sure to pay attention to the customs information of the destination country to avoid carrying prohibited items and causing unnecessary trouble during customs clearance. Secondly, what items need to be disassembled and what cannot be disassembled must be planned in advance. This not only helps to pack and organize things quickly, but also makes it easier to unpack and organize things when they arrive at their destination. In addition, in order to avoid the cumbersomeness caused by large-scale furniture logistics, the best way is to sell all old furniture and unnecessary daily necessities. At the same time, the food in the refrigerator and the water in the washing machine must be processed in advance. As we all know, volume and weight are the charging standards of international logistics companies. It is necessary to appropriately discard unnecessary items because the transportation costs may be enough to replace them with a brand new one. Finally, if some small and fragile items are packed by themselves, we must confirm a principle: scientifically and reasonably pack, to ensure that the items are intact and the total volume is minimized. (1) If you purchase packing cartons by yourself, try to choose logistics cartons with more than five layers of better materials and consistent size. During the packing process, try to ensure that each box of luggage is tight and not uneven. Cross-pack heavy and light items, try not to exceed the reasonable capacity of the carton. (2) When packing the boxes by yourself, mark the carton number on the front and side of each carton, such as 1#, 2#. Make a list of each carton during packing. (3) Fragile items, such as small household appliances, should be packed in the original factory packaging as far as possible and then placed in a logistics carton, or packed with soft materials such as clothing, curtains, duvet cover, pearl cotton, bubble film, etc. Logistics carton 'center positionIn addition, valuable and fragile items are best entrusted to overseas logistics companies to protect them with fumigation-free wooden boxes. (4) Choose the number of logistics cartons, such as the size of the logistics cartons are around 70×50×50, 60×50×40, try to pack the boxes in multiples of 4, because we will export all the logistics items abroad on pallets, the size of the carton Consistency and multiples of 4 can better save packaging volume. The most important point is that most international logistics require customers to provide their passport + visa for customs declaration and customs clearance. In order to avoid delaying your logistics time, it is necessary to prepare relevant documents in advance, and you can provide scanned or photocopies.
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