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How to choose Amazon FBA head logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-07
Is Amazon FBA head logistics clear to everyone? For the sellers, they must have their own fixed and stable service partners. This article is not suitable for everyone, this article mainly talks with novice sellers on Amazon about the content of Amazon FBA head service. For this reason, if you don't know much about Amazon FBA head service, or when choosing FBA head logistics, I suggest you read this article. Amazon FBA first journey, sellers should pay attention to a problem, we say FBA logistics distribution service, pay attention to this service is only to provide sellers with products after Amazon sells out, from the FBA warehouse to the buyer's address, the sellers' products are transported from the domestic to the Amazon FBA warehouse, amazon FBA will not help sellers to carry out, so sellers need to help through FBA's first logistics service provider, which is what we often call freight forwarding. How to choose Amazon FBA head logistics? . Jpg, however, some sellers are relatively simple and casual in their choice because they do not know the freight forwarder. Finally, they encounter the problem that the products cannot arrive on time, the products are lost, they cannot enter the customs, and the price starts on the ground, all kinds of problems of raising costs are very troublesome for sellers. You should know that your products have been shipped abroad and have not entered Amazon warehouse, at this time, we can only submit to the various fare increase requirements of FBA head service providers, and it will not help when the products cannot arrive on time. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good FBA head logistics service provider, so how do you choose Amazon FBA head service providers? It is very important to have a basic understanding of the service, including: Which distribution methods can the service provider provide, such as express delivery, air transportation, sea transportation, customs clearance, labeling and warehousing, etc, and when we choose FBA, we can see the packages they have set up, such as Shanghai-style double-clearing tax returns and air-freight double-clearing tax returns. For this seller, we need to follow their own product conditions, choose according to the service you need and the storage time of your products. At the same time, different Amazon FBA head service providers have different advantages. For example, some service providers have advantages in US shipping, with fast speed and many routes. Some service providers have obvious advantages in European routes, although the price of some service providers is high, the transportation speed is fast. Although the price of some service providers is low, they often encounter the situation that they cannot transport on time. These are the places that sellers need to know and make choices.
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