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How the weakness of China's air transport was

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
It is well known that the development level of air transportation is an important indicator to measure the degree of economic and social modernization of a country, and air transportation plays an irreplaceable role in the overall convenience of transportation. With the increase in height, air transport has achieved considerable development, but there are also many deficiencies. For example, transporting heavy cargo and super-large objects has become a major problem in my country's air transportation. However, the 'An-225' transport aircraft set up by the Soviet Antonov Design Bureau for the transportation of Blizzard in the early days has become the best choice for air transport in today's society. Due to its unique fuselage structure, the maximum take-off weight reaches 640 tons. The maximum cargo capacity of the cabin is 250 tons, and the maximum cargo capacity of the top of the fuselage is 200 tons.

At the time, the Soviet Union was developed and designed by the Antonov Aviation Technology and Technology Consortium due to the transportation needs of the Blizzard space shuttle and other rocket equipment. The original plan was to build two 'An-225s'. Later, the Soviet Union’s economy had deteriorated to a level insufficient. Supporting the expensive space exploration program, the Blizzard program was forced to stop, and the 'An-225' specially designed and built for the Blizzard completed its first flight with the Blizzard, and naturally lost its significance. The second plane was only partially completed and was Sealed, now owned by Ukraine.

However, in November 2013, at the Zhengding International Airport in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the 100% low-floor modern tram developed by CNR Tangche was loaded into the 'An-225' and flew to Turkey. This is the first time that my country has used aircraft for transportation. Large rail vehicles.

In 2016, China Airspace Industry Group and Ukrainian state-owned Antonov reached a number of consensus in Beijing. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement on the current world’s largest transport aircraft 'An-225' officially settled in China. After the agreement is signed, China Airspace Group will Obtained all the technologies, drawings and property rights of 'An-225' including the engine. The agreement stipulates that the cooperation between the two parties is divided into two stages: the first stage, Ukraine will produce the second improved 'An-225' to the Chinese company; the second stage, the joint mass production of this model in China under the Antonov production license Antonov’s representative said that the various stages of the agreement will be implemented in accordance with separate contracts. It will take about four to five years for the Ukrainian side to deliver the aircraft to the Chinese side. After that, the Chinese side will be allowed to jointly produce this transport aircraft in accordance with the production license.
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