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'Digital Port' Unblocked Railway Channel

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-25
   Promote the railway cooperation of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, promote the facilitation of international trade, and make new progress. China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. recently announced that since July, the 95306 'digital port' system has been put into use in various railway ports across the country. For foreign trade companies, this means that international railway transportation will be more efficient and convenient, and bring more development opportunities.

   'Digital Port' system is a new function of China Railway 95306 freight e-commerce platform. Through this system, all parties in international railway transportation will realize functions such as online data sharing, rapid declaration and query, and cross-border railway transportation can realize the digitalization of customs clearance. As long as the train departs, information about the goods, shipper, and consignee will be transmitted to the customs department, port station, transportation agency and railway company in real time. Customs declarations are automatically completed, and relevant domestic transportation can also be processed in advance. Although the 'digital port' system is a 'small step' in the reform and innovation of railway freight transportation, it is a 'big step' for China Railways to grasp the opportunities of digital development. It is a vivid practice of China's railways seeking opportunities in crises and turning crises into opportunities.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading around the world. Many countries have closed important cross-border transportation barriers such as ports and airports, which greatly affected air and sea transportation, but left room for breakthroughs in international railway transportation. Many China-Europe trains opened during the epidemic. Data have achieved growth against the trend. Statistics show that in the first half of this year, the number of China-Europe express trains increased sharply, with a total of 5,122 trains, a year-on-year increase of 36%; China-Europe trains opened 1,000 trains in a single month for the first time in May, and 1,169 trains in June, setting a new record. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the China-Europe train has closely linked many countries in Asia and Europe and played an important role in ensuring the transportation of medical supplies, creating a safe and efficient green transportation channel and becoming a trade bridge connecting China and Europe. Facts have proved that to seize opportunities and turn crises into opportunities, China-Europe Express has huge advantages and potential.

Taking the 'digital port' into application as an opportunity to improve the products of China-Europe freight trains, not only can make up for the shortcomings of railway international freight, but also help to further smooth the international transportation channel and give play to the traction role of railways in promoting the construction of the 'Belt and Road' . The 'digital port' system can realize the interconnection and interoperability of information between railways and customs departments, and a high degree of collaboration, which can reduce port congestion, simplify customs clearance procedures, lower logistics costs, and significantly improve efficiency. At the beginning of this year, the 'digital port' system was the first to be piloted at Manzhouli Port. The time from train declaration to customs clearance was shortened from about half a day to less than 30 minutes, and it only took a few minutes at the fastest. In the first half of this year, the 1523 China-Europe Express trains entering and leaving the country via the Manzhouli Railway Port Station continued to maintain a high level. The 'digital port' can be said to have played an important role.

   The 'digital port' has been put into application, which is a microcosm of the information construction and high-quality development of China-Europe Railway Express. In September last year, with the signing of the 'Convention on Promoting the High-quality Development of China-Europe Railway Express', China-Europe Railway Express entered the fast lane of digital development. With the use of new technologies such as the Internet and big data, the management methods of China-Europe trains continue to innovate and the level of supply chain management has been greatly improved. Taking the China-Europe Express (Chengdu) as an example, it has achieved 100% real-time location tracking of the outbound international express, and the entire online operation of querying information, handling box leases, and port entry and exit procedures has reduced the overall booking time limit by 86% . Leveraging the advantages of direct sourcing, direct purchase, and full traceability, China-Europe Express continues to expand its 'friend circle' and develop cross-border trade business, which not only improves its own value-added and profitability, but also makes countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” better Many manufacturers and traders have caught the fast train of China's high-quality development.

   Seizing the new opportunities of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, the railway industry continues to turn crises into opportunities and seize the commanding heights of high-quality development. The China-Europe Railway Express, which is continuously advancing towards digitalization, will also become the locomotive for further promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road”, injecting continuous confidence and momentum into the world economy with high-quality development. (Lu Yanan)
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