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Before finding the car found crying? To teach a few action to avoid desperately looking for a collection of trucks

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Long-term to do import and export business, such as freight forwarders, the trailer scheduling, factory warehouse, etc. , all know that three times a year, will be busy hurry-scurry, phone call to the explosion. Mainly for before the Spring Festival, National Day, Christmas holiday before, especially before the Spring Festival is very obvious. And is currently in false before Christmas, in Shanghai, for example, although it does not appear to find car found crying, but shenzhen forwarder, trailer scheduling should not forget the problem finding the car before the Spring Festival last year. Smile actually like business people respond to this topic, & other; First, looking for car certainly wasn't the zha, trailer company at ordinary times or covet interest to find some lack of strength of the team at ordinary times, you know the poor people will be hateful place & throughout; 。 Deal with the relationship between the good and the car, at ordinary times many garage are looking forward to have the guest to long-term cooperation, open the door to do business, who don't want to make some money? So, don't really need to first still desperately looking for car, small make up teach you the following a few action, let you no matter business off-season and busy season, can do to find the car freely, car. 1, find a real car team is very key in shenzhen, for example, say less, parked the car is also more than 60%, believe it or not, is so big a lot of brand of the company does not have to own a car. And to provide the business license and can't help you to identify whether the affiliated properties. 2, give a reasonable price will meet almost every day such as & other; Someone less than 50 you & throughout; So weak-minded negotiations said. Business nature expected profit maximization, but to understand, have to make some money, a car is only the first cost hundreds of thousands of, only one hundred yuan to make somebody else can close? And this year, the cost of the trailer is very transparent. In fact, really want to save, is how to save expenditure. Order 3, avoid by all means at ordinary times, more do not deduct money this is taboo, especially in the trailer industry profits too thin thin, it determines whether you can find the strength are the important factors of dealership. Figure of KuaiZhe, gutter capsize, someday will only lead to more losses. 4, cooperation, the team can only use one, at most only two many people naively thought, looking for a few more at ordinary times, one can be interacting with each other, 2 it is busy time have a car, who do not know the result is always the opposite. Remember & other; Three boys no water to drink & throughout; ? For who has a heart. 5, payment on time, don't want to use & other; Please & throughout; Didn't have to pay for the trailer, when the car will be 80% or even more money needs to advance expenditure out of real gold and silver, plus a car when hundreds of thousands of each financing, for you are the owner, would you accept freight total were towed? So the payment on time or not, it is very important, otherwise you will be unpopular. Edit summary: review the above points, in fact is a common way of business. Unfortunately in the logistics industry competition heats up, a lot of people, including yourself, are easily lost, between conscious involuntary, easy to shouldn't make the mistake. Write down and to remind you always first looking for car and also remind yourself what to pay attention to in the future, in what to do. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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