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2018 Business Trends: For Better, For Worse -

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-23
E-commerce, Logistics, Technology , Supply ChainInvesting in new and improved information technology and robotic process automation (RPA), talent shortages, and trade protectionism are predicted to be the top trends in service delivery for 2018 and the next several years, according to the latest quarterly KPMG Global Insights Pulse survey.Respondents predict these trends will have the largest positive impact: intelligent automation, greater access to innovative technologies (automation, cloud, data and analytics), and improving customer demand.Trends with the largest negative impact are the talent shortage, trade protectionism, and a restrictive environment for mergers and acquisitions (protectionism; nationalism), according to survey respondents. Blockchain and AI as a service, as well as the use of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, continue to be the most talked about technology developments, according to KPMG. Deploying data and analytics to deliver meaningful business value; having realistic plans and adequate resources for addressing e-commerce opportunities; cyber-security challenges and threats as well as cyber-security strategies, plans, and support continue to be the "most real" in terms of trends and capabilities.
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