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The United States home luggage overweight method to avoid being fined

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Returned from the United States, a plane bags luggage is inevitable, but for airlines, baggage fee is quite important in additional income. The current us almost all domestic airlines have baggage charge, how had this charge from airlines mouth, booking will first consider. Now, the American domestic routes, on average, for the first pieces of baggage fee at $25, weight limit 50 LBS, then returned from the United States was fined for how to avoid excess luggage? Here are VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small-class summed up method to avoid excess luggage be fined. To send send the luggage one, with international express. Sometimes use international Courier sent back from the United States luggage checked more cheaper and safer than the plane, can save 50% or more. Also can use some international trucking agent, their offer is 30% to 50% of the international express company general approach 2, apply for airlines credit CARDS. Many airlines have to hold this airline passengers with free shipping discount, but these are usually established credit card charges. Savvy consumers, however, still can take the following measures: many credit card is not charged in the first year annual fee, this means that you have nearly a year of time to enjoy free shipping discount, then in the second year before cancel this credit card. In addition, many airlines credit CARDS will have reward mechanism. If you applied for it's credit card, is likely to get a ticket free. With this card consumption can also store credit card points, these points can change the ticket. Method three, join the airline loyalty program ( 忠诚计划) 。 In fact, you don't need to apply for the airlines credit card to enjoy the welfare of the checked baggage free, as long as you join the airline loyalty program ( 忠诚计划) Can also get the benefit. You need to do just registered in the airline's website, the more you fly, the more benefits also then. The highest-level members can enjoy the welfare of up to 3 free check box. To four, compress your luggage. If you already do what you can control your luggage weight, but still can't avoid need to place an extra backpack, you can consider to use vacuum compression bag. Zip compression quilts, pillows, compression clothing, is home travel companion. To five, said before the baggage weight. If you think that your luggage is likely to be overweight, must be weighed before going out. According to industry insiders, weighing inaccurate scales exist at the airport. If you confirm your baggage not more than 50 pounds, but in the airport luggage scales show that more than 50 pounds, you can ask the staff in scale to weigh. At the same time, you also want to know, if the checked baggage is overweight what items can be removed in the check-in luggage box. Way six: smart suitcase, bringing weighing sensors are overweight. Baggage weight problem for it is not matter, it will first help you gotten ready before going out. Mention Bluesmart smart suitcase handle, built-in automatic weighing weighing sensor. To the airport to meet difficult ground, you just need to put the weight of the mobile phone App reading light is for him. To seven, don't take it for granted that the cost of the quote you are correct. Airline baggage fees is very chaotic, so the staff sometimes may be a mistake. The personage inside course of study recommend passengers do homework in advance, and will take the airline baggage charge standard printed, or in the mobile phone, convenient to check. If an error occurs costs, although later you can also get compensation, but is much more complex than nip in the bud. To eight, choose suitable for airlines. Now, the passenger has consciously overhead baggage fees are included into the schedule. Some airlines even for check-in baggage fee: if you need to put the luggage in the overhead locker, Frontier airlines will charge $25, Spirit airlines will charge 26 knife, and Allegiant air will be more than 15 knife or charge according to the length of the journey. Some airlines baggage policy becomes more kindness: Southwest airlines provide free checked the welfare of the two suitcases, JetBlue allows passengers free check in a suitcase. Way to nine, learning packing tips. Life there is no lack of packaging, they also willing to share their own packaging techniques. The personage inside course of study recommend passengers can learn all kinds of packaging techniques in online in advance. To ten, a coat can solve the problem of your excess baggage. An Australian design company close to launch a & other for everyone; Super save money coat & throughout; ! Passengers can easily install 15 kilogrammes of luggage in the body, cleverly avoid the high charges for overweight! ! When the clothes are all come down, can be put into two laptop computer, an apple, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, 5 T-shirt, sweater and 1 camera!
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