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The United States FBA can call Shanghai? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-29
What is the Shanghai style? Shanghai is to point to to the United States FBA head lift transportation by sea, arrived in the United States the basic port customs clearance after devanning, by Courier or truck after the period of the delivery. The clippers is refers to the period after using UPS/FEDEX express delivery, such as slow boat is use truck delivery. Shanghai there are three main product in the United States, the first is the Shanghai beauty, the clippers, choose the sellers of the ship, both in shenzhen and in jiangsu and zhejiang, fujian and other regions, logistics providers to the container freight to Shanghai, then go Shanghai mei sen ship transport company, it claims; Shanghai fast boat & throughout; Monday, cutter storehouse sail on Wednesday, 11 days to Los Angeles, customs clearance in Los Angeles split open a case before the express delivery. Its limitation is about 19 ~ 23 days, that is, from Thursday cut warehouse to warehouse, the goods to the spanish-american need 19 days, to the eastern need 23 days; Its speed so the price is expensive, about $14 / kg on average. Mason clippers big advantage, in addition to flight fast, is that it has its own terminal in Los Angeles and other shipping companies with public pier, when in the peak season of shipping port of discharge time for up to a week or so, and mei sen port can mention ark, one to two days after the advantage is obvious during the peak season, please give special attention to the boat! The second product is shenzhen the clippers, the liner from yantian to Los Angeles, it will take about 13 ~ 15 days after the boat arrived in Los Angeles, arrange Courier delivery after unpacking. From the ship on Thursday cut the warehouse begins to calculate case, to pay the warehouse, normal aging is about 22 ~ 26 days, namely 22 days to the west, 26 days to eastern; The price in Shanghai between the clippers and Shanghai slow boat, about $10 / kg on average. The third product is Shanghai slow boat, its head with shenzhen cheng the clippers services are the same, different is the product after arriving in Los Angeles unpacking, will be sent by truck, so slow aging, starting from the cutter storehouse, ageing is about 26 days to 45 days, slow boat fee is calculated based on cubic products, the first two clippers fee calculated on kg, so the slow boat price also cheaper. All limitation above refers to the normal aging, but the factors that affect Shanghai aging more, later will talk about in detail. Shanghai set with empty contrast empty fast aging time is about 5 ~ 7 days, slow time is 10 ~ 20 days or so, it is more costly than Shanghai. Shanghai cost-effective, but Shanghai clippers limitation to be slower than empty pie 2 weeks, slow boat longer; Price, the price of the Shanghai style the clippers is equivalent to an empty sent 30% of the price, the price of the slow boat is about 10% ~ 20% of empty pie.
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