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The 'container' you don't know

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
   News on March 21, 2016 In the logistics industry, the invention of the container can be described as a major revolution. Through containers, transportation has changed from simple and extensive in the past to an intensive and standardized mode; we can find that the profits of the shipping industry have generally increased, and many problems have been fundamentally solved. Many people know and understand containers very well, but there are many things we don't know about containers.

  What is a container?

   Container, the English name is container. Refers to a large container with a certain strength, rigidity and specification for turnover. According to different types of goods, different types of containers are designed and produced to adapt to multi-purpose cargo transportation, such as dry cargo containers, reefer containers, tank containers, open top containers, frame boxes, etc. Using containers to transfer goods can be directly loaded in the consignor’s warehouse and transported to the consignee’s warehouse for unloading. There is no need to take the goods out of the container and reload when changing vehicles or ships midway. To a certain extent, the labor cost of loading and unloading is reduced.

What are the advantages of    containers?

  If various modes of transportation can realize convergent operation during the logistics process and realize multiple combined transportation, then there is no doubt that costs can be reduced and efficiency improved. Therefore, containers can not only improve the efficiency of logistics operations, but also greatly reduce costs. It is an important carrier to realize multiple combined transportation.

  What are the disadvantages of containers?

  In actual operation, multiple loading and unloading in the logistics process is a very typical phenomenon. Therefore, problems such as increased operating costs, damaged goods, and extended service time are also common. Many people think that the reason is that the government's fragmented management model is actually reasonable. This is also the fundamental reason for the difference in container efficiency.

  Why are the efficiency different in different ports and regions?

There are two main reasons for the difference in container efficiency. On the one hand, there is overlap and duplication of rights and responsibilities between departments and regions, and it is difficult to effectively cooperate and coordinate. The distribution of logistics organizations is scattered, and local blockades and industry monopolies affect logistics resources. Integration and integrated operation have caused obstacles, and the gap between the degree and level of industry and regional logistics development has widened; on the other hand, each department and each region manages one piece to separate the logistics process of the whole society and implement a segmented The contradiction caused by the management mode, the incoordination of multiple transportation modes, the unmatched routes and nodes, and the inconsistent connection between various facilities are more prominent.

  What should I do if the container is stuck?

  Container detention is a more prominent problem. For example, on March 17, 2016, China Daily reported that 'Hundreds of container trucks are stranded at the Qingshui International Port in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam, which borders China's Yunnan Province'. So, how can we avoid container detention? For example, when the goods go through customs clearance procedures, the importer can learn from the ship owner which yard the container will return to, and then contact the yard, and the fleet of the yard will release it. The latter goods are directly referred to the storage yard, the containers are washed in the storage yard, and then the goods are transported to the final destination by rail or car as needed. This can save at least two days. When the number of imported containers is large, this method can not only prepare more time for customs clearance, but also reduce the cost of detention.

The container demurrage cannot be carried out, which will not only incur huge demurrage and storage costs, if it is a fresh food product in season, the delay in picking up the container will also cause the product to spoil or miss the best sales opportunity, which will bring it to the consignee Huge losses. In order to avoid or reduce losses, cargo owners can apply to the shipping company for free container usage and storage periods in advance. In addition, they should do the corresponding customs declaration and inspection work in advance, and do a good job in carrying containers and land transportation.
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