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Referred to as 'how much do you know about these popular domestic ports

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Do the foreign trade industry between all know, when we mentioned the port to use abbreviation of utilization rate is very high. When you are in note & other; Tianjin port Pacific international container terminal co. , LTD. & throughout; When someone else a & other; TPCT” Blurt out, both the profile and seem to appear professional. Want to know these short for popular port? Today by small make up take you to the other; On the vast sky & throughout; This a few popular port for a day trip, let you a second change to foreign trade talent. Shanghai port of Shanghai port container terminal mainly Yu Yangshan, waigaoqiao, wusong three dagang district. So when you say to waigaoqiao and yangshan port container terminal, natural in waigaoqiao phase I, waigaoqiao phase ii, yangshan issue to address. A: outside Shanghai pudong terminal 2, 3: the port group cooperates branches 4: Shanghai hudong zhonghua outside the container terminal 5: east ocean container terminal in Shanghai tomorrow. A: Shanghai ShengDong container terminal 3: Shanghai champions league east ocean container terminal 4: sipg chanteau branch, operating yangshan fully automated container terminal phase iv of [ Shanghai] Tianjin port tianjin port by the border port, the nanjiang port, the east port, the economic zone bordering on the harbor, dagang port, etc. Port area of northern xinjiang, with emphasis on the container, ro/ro car; East port container transport, cruise industry, high-end service industry as the key point; Nanjiang port area in southern and eastern dagang port, lingang economic regions in bulk transport, lingang processing industry as the key. TCT: tianjin port container terminal TPCT: tianjin port Pacific international container terminal FICT: five continents international container dock TACT: tianjin port international container terminal TOCT alliance: tianjin Oriental Marine container terminal one, two, three, four, five companies: are the first to fifth tianjin port stevedoring company [ Tianjin port] Port of dalian port, dalian port which is located at the center of northeast Asian economic circle, depth, nondeposit not frozen. As dalian northeast Asia international shipping center construction and development of liaoning coastal economic belt rises for national strategy, dalian port group presents the fast development of the situation. Now has a container, crude oil, refined oil, ore, grain, coal, ro-ro, such as modern professional berths in more than 100, more than 70 berths. They have a slogan is & other; How big is the ship in the world, big of dalian port. ” Among them: the first phase of dayaowan, namely DCT: dalian dayaowan phase ii project of container terminal co. , LTD, namely DPCM: dalian dayaowan port container terminal co. , LTD. Three phase, namely DICT: dalian international container terminal co. , LTD. [ Dalian port] Qingdao port, huangdao oil port, Qingdao port by Qingdao dagang port qianwan port area and Dong Jia port district four main composition and so on. In the dock qianwan port area has the world's largest container terminal of 20000 teu container ship. Among them, the Dong Jia port has the world's largest 40 ton ore terminal, 45 ton crude oil wharf. Dagang port area has been built to stop the world's largest 22. 5 ton cruise wharves and cruise passenger transportation center. QQCT: Qingdao qianwan container terminal, is Qingdao port with Britain's iron line group, China cosco group, Denmark A P muller & ndash; Maersk group joint venture, this is called the three countries. QQCTU: Qingdao qianwan united container terminal, it is Qingdao port with China merchants joint venture of the pier. QQCTN: Qingdao bay before a new container terminal, QQCT is with pan-asia cooperation form of wharf, this is called the three five parties. ( Qingdao] Guangzhou guangzhou port group along the guangzhou pearl river to the sea in distribution of new sand, nansha port, huangpu, four dagang, at present there are each berth to build 66, 21 (productive anchorage The largest capacity to be 300000 tons Berth length 21. 5 km. GCT: guangzhou container terminal co. , LTD. , guangzhou port group, PSA international port group joint venture NCT: guangzhou nansha port co. , LTD. By guangzhou port co. , LTD. , China shipping development co. , LTD. , guangzhou nansha wharf infrastructure investment co. , LTD. , a joint venture, the three parties stake of 51%, 40% and 9% respectively. GOCT: guangzhou nansha port container terminal co. , LTD. By guangzhou port co. , LTD. , and cosco wharf ( Nansha) Co. , LTD. , jointly established. The stake is respectively: 41% and 59%. Today's referred to as 'introduction involves part of port terminal. If you find this information helpful for you, please timely feedback to us. ( Guangzhou port] Edit summary: how, after a small introduction to these ports abbreviation, feel instantly into foreign trade talent? These all referred to as a won't remember, but in peacetime work more contact in would be familiar with a lot of use. 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