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railway budget 2013-14: freight rates for moving diesel, cooking fuel hiked

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-26
Freight charges for rail transport of diesel and cooking fuel rose nearly eight percentage points on Tuesday, a move that could lead to a slight increase in retail fuel prices.
Diesel freight increased by 5.
79 rupees. 1,041.
Rs 80 per ton. 984.
Currently 80 per ton.
The price of kerosene has also risen by 5.
79% from RS. 886.
Rs 30 per ton. 937.
60 tons per ton of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)by 5.
79 rupees. 937. 60 a tonne.
According to the railway 2013 budget, the rate does not include development expenses and busy season expenses, which basically means that the actual rate hike for oil companies will be higher
Report of the Minister of Railways to ParliamentK. Bansal.
Oil companies transport more than 32-
Diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene accounted for by rail transport, freight increases must either be passed on to consumers or must be considered insufficient
The government will compensate for the economic recovery from the general budget.
The source said that it is unlikely that the government with financial difficulties will agree to bear the additional burden and that the increase in freight charges may be passed on to consumers.
Due to the increase in freight charges, the increase in retail prices for diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene has not yet been calculated. Mr.
The rise in diesel prices last month added RS 3,330 to the railway\'s fuel bill, Bansal said.
In addition, it is the electricity bill that is regularly revised to increase its burden.
\"The increase in fuel bills for 2013 --
As a result of these amendments, RS will be exceeded.
5,100 crore, \"he is proposing to crossthe-
Freight increased by more than 5.
Highlights: Freight revenue will grow by 93,554 to RS.
The freight target is fixed at 1,047-2013 metric tons
As a result of the economic slowdown, railway freight volume this year fell by 100 million tons from 1. 025 billion tons.
The railway will enter 1 billion tons of freight clubs in China, Russia and the United States.
The shortage of Rs 95,000, to make up for this shortage, will mean that the Planning Commission has allocated Rs. 5.
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