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New Customs Measures: Comprehensively promote

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-27

The General Administration of Customs announced on the 27th that, on the basis of the previous pilot, it will promote the collection of taxation across the country from today to further improve trade facilitation, reduce customs clearance costs, and promote the development of foreign trade.

Gao Ruifeng, deputy director of the Customs Department of the General Administration of Customs, said in a media briefing to answer reporters’ questions that collective taxation is to achieve 'tax release first, then tax collectively paid' under the premise of effective supervision. Simplify the tax payment model, greatly reduce the frequency of tax payment by companies that frequently import goods, save manpower and material resources, and bring the greatest dividends to production-oriented foreign trade companies.

Under the traditional tax payment model, each shipment of imported goods must be paid to the customs in turn within a specified time. For enterprises with large import business volume and high tax collection, the tax payment business occupies a very large amount of the company's liquidity. Under the 'summary tax collection' model, companies can apply for a certain amount of guarantee, and the total amount of tax declared to the customs in the way of 'summary tax collection' can be settled monthly and sent to the customs within the available amount of the guarantee. The customs pays taxes. 'Of course, tax collection must be based on tax guarantee. Therefore, tax security is guaranteed.' Gao Ruifeng said.
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