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Logistics warehousing should take precautions

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
In recent years, the scale of logistics warehouses has become centralized, large-scale, and large, which not only increases the risk of fire in the logistics industry, and increases the fire load, but also in the event of a fire, it is easy to cause heavy casualties and property losses. The difficulty has also increased significantly.

All warehousing and logistics companies should actively investigate and correct fire hazards and do the following fire safety tasks:

1. The logistics warehouse should be tested according to the original design of the storage item category, and do not change the nature of the building;

2. According to the logistics warehouse building area is large, the height, the span is large, the building's fire resistance level is low, and the space is large, it is difficult to exhaust smoke, etc., the enterprise should be equipped with sufficient fire fighting facilities under the guidance of professionals;

3. The phenomenon of 'three in one' is strictly prohibited. Some logistics companies, because they are worried about the loss of goods, arrange for people to stay in the warehouse without authorization, and even set up simple electrical wiring. These behaviors have serious safety risks and should be strictly prohibited.

4. It is forbidden to block fire control passages and improperly stack goods. Out of cost considerations, general logistics companies will make use of space as much as possible, leading to lack of scientific guidance on the layout of storage materials and occupying certain safe spaces that must be reserved;

5. Improve employees' awareness of fire safety. Logistics companies should attach great importance to fire safety training, and all employees must be trained before they can start operations. Employees are proficient in fire protection knowledge and know how to operate fire protection facilities, which can lay a solid foundation for corporate safety.
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