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How to tax exemption Marine furniture from China to New Zealand

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Now there are a lot of New Zealand immigration friends hope that the domestic furniture shipped to New Zealand, its main reason is that in recent years, China's real wood furniture materials is more and more exquisite, and fine workmanship, a lot higher than that of foreign furniture of class, and the price is much cheaper overseas, in a word, China is the world's factory, the factory are looking for Chinese manufacturer order, instead of abroad to pay a premium to buy domestic goods, also is at a low price in the domestic transport after purchase. By sea to furniture to the New Zealand customs clearance if shipping channels, need to pay a 15% tariff and a 5% consumption tax, tax rate is higher, including freight, charges and taxes, actually does not cost-effective than bought abroad a lot, here VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up to introduce you to a free furniture to the New Zealand immigration legal methods: corresponding to the New Zealand customs policy: the New Zealand government regulations, new immigrants or centered overseas citizens, and use can be in the home have more than 12 months and self-used articles and personal property tax exemption into ( Back to) New Zealand. Free furniture to what we call the approach is based on the New Zealand immigration rules. Our client is usually so of the operation: 1. In furniture manufacturer to buy new furniture, furniture manufacturer to issue the receipt of the furniture is lower than actual value in listing 2. Will be transported to our warehouse 3 new furniture. In our warehouse will be original furniture all the outer packing replacement for labeling the outer packing of 4 no furniture manufacturer. Part of the furniture do old register 5. Mixed with about one-third of old furniture in the new furniture, mixed to declare. 6. Make declaration in the form of new immigration exemption clearance in this way, our client will produce the tariffs the lowest risk, and even if produce tariffs, general amount will not be high.
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