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How to remove the desktop computer before international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Some VIPU Supply Chain customers need to their desktop computers in the international logistics, together with the furniture shipped to abroad, I regret to tell you that VIPU staff of Supply Chain is disassembling service cannot provide desktop computers, because the computer is high-tech precision equipment, even professionals are very carefully and carefully disassembling, below small make up to you to introduce disassembling of desktop computers before and after dismantling should pay special attention to the items: release its own electrostatic, can contact with metal objects or water to wash their hands. Be sure to shut off the power before disassembly, down peripherals, such as AC adapter, power cord, external battery, PC CARDS and other cables. Down after the power supply and battery, it is better to open the power switch closed, after a second to release internal dc power. Spread a piece of anti-static soft mat in the workbench, ensure the workbench surface smooth and tidy, prevent scratch laptop shell. Absolute careful, dismantling the disassembly parts should watch carefully clear when disassembling sequence and the installation site, pen to write down when necessary. Screw spring small items such as classified was laid. Use tweezers crochet to be careful, don't think that cause damage to the computer. Keyboard, touch screen, fan wire, etc. Do not pull directly, how clear port match again begin, don't be too big. Can't oppression hard drive, optical drive equipment. Not sure if you can do is best not to hurt, desktop disassembly are generally looking for professional staff.
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