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How to label Amazon FBA?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-28
We recently received some photos sent back from the United States FBA found that the container unloading label has completely invisible bar code, and then carefully observed, FBA label is attached with a transparent tape, tape covered part, the barcode is basically unrecognizable. How to attach Amazon FBA tags? In order to prevent the label from being worn, it is understandable to stick a transparent glue, but this is a fatal mistake. Let's look at the principle of thermal labels. Color color development principle: label paper belongs to thermal paper. Compared with plain paper, thermal paper has a thin coating on the surface. It contains some special chemicals called leuco dyes. Leuco dyes themselves are colorless. When they meet suitable conditions, they will react chemically. New substances will absorb visible light, so we see its color. For example, in leuco dyes, there are many substances, such as crystal violet lactone, etc. Although they are colorless, they turn purple when they encounter acidic substances and colorless when they encounter alkaline substances. The coating on the surface of the thermal paper reacts chemically with the alkaline substance on the transparent adhesive tape, making the leuco dye colorless, resulting in the disappearance of the label. Under normal circumstances, the color of the thermal sticker will only last 2- 3 months, if anyone has less water or exposure time, so if you want to avoid this risk, you can use ribbon printing, which can greatly extend the color Time, suitable for long-term storage. How to label Amazon FBA? In addition to being covered by adhesive tape, the common label problems are: label coverage, incomplete label printing, and uneven label pasting. In combination with the above, we have summarized the following label precautions: 1. Try not to stick transparent adhesive tape on the label of Hot Paper. If you must use it, A small amount of adhesive tape can be used to fix the edge of the label where there is no text or bar code. 2. We need to pay attention to those goods that need express delivery. The Courier list should not be attached to the label. 3. When the goods are delivered to FBA, the outer box of each piece of goods must be pasted with 2 FBA labels on the surface of different boxes, and the surface of the boxes should be smooth and complete, in order to avoid damage during transportation, do not stick it on the sealing port. 4, as far as possible to use a relatively clean, thick, good quality box, the box should have the necessary filler to avoid the extrusion deformation of the box, so that the label can not be identified. 5, the label should be printed completely, it is best to consult the size of the Amazon background to print the label. Don't be too big or too small.
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