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How to choose logistics of China to Canada?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Canada has the world's second largest land area, and its highly developed economy, abundant natural resources and mature social welfare security system constantly attracts the attracting immigrants, then choose what is the mode of international logistics from China to Canada? Cost is how to calculate? Below small make up to introduce logistics from China to Canada and cost: a way to select logistics, logistics to Canada to Canada and you can transport goods, if you only some simple baggage, can randomly checked; Baggage too much, more than the random check weight, you can choose international express way; If you want to carry lots of luggage, furniture use Courier fees may be more, so this time you can choose to save cost of shipping. Based on past experience, a lot of transnational logistics immigrants tend to be selected by sea, mainly because of the shipping for the volume and weight of items no limits, and costs are relatively low, so choose shipping to transport don't urgent need of the goods, is the most cost-effective way. Second, the logistics to the costs of logistics the cost of computing to Canada, is a lot of people are concerned about a point. Logistics from China to Canada is charged according to the volume, the cost of goods volume is less than 1 CBM is charged shall be carried out in accordance with the 1 CBM, the total volume of more than 1 CBM is according to the actual volume pricing, also will be affected by distance logistics, logistics time, logistics mode, etc. At the same time, China's logistics price quote freight to Canada is composed of the following points: lump sum fee ( Packing/transit/customs) And domestic customs supervision/inspection, all relatived inspections, sea freight, File, the domestic THC, booking) , Canada port handling and service/value-added services. On the port handling, need to explain here: port is a transportation hub, have their own equipment, facilities and manpower, provide services for ship and cargo loading and unloading, according to the relevant provisions of the standard, need to charge of the service object, is called the port handling. Handling charges including customs clearance fee, change single fee, THC, port charge, weightlifting, circular, un-loading fee and so on. In addition, the cost of logistics of China to Canada may also produce: inspection fee caused by customs examination box railway demurrage, goods does not conform to the Canadian policy of customs and excise tax, in Canada address cannot dock collection card and the parking or pour goods fee, furniture assembly and carpenter, electrician because of the needs of customers, such as procter & gamble paid the service fee, etc. These costs usually does not produce, if produce, logistics lp will sign the salesman and customer specifications. Three, logistics to Canada need to note 1, Canada logistics checked something can't: generally speaking, logistics customer is all some ordinary goods, not politics, DVD, hazardous drugs, this sort of thing ( These, of course, can't) , pay attention to is some, such as: food, Meat) And wine ( Alcohol, fuel) And drugs can't carry. Generally, these special items and consulting. 2, Canada logistics check process: the entire process under short: domestic door-to-door pick up the goods and arrange the container charge payment, shipping, customs clearance, port, destination port customs clearance, delivery, unloading, sign for it. Among them, need my presence to participate in the process are: door to door delivery, customs clearance, discharge Canada. Note: Canada customs clearance need my presence, because it is as a personal items to declare, so Canada customs requires the consignee himself to answer this question as well as the signature to the customs. Questions tend to have: the goods is what's inside, you personally packaged, any special items such as simple question. Is answered, the general customs also give tax exemption on the spot, if don't need to check, you can delivery the next day.
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