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How do companies achieve green logistics? Inventory

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-03-02
With the progress of the times, human beings have paid more and more attention to ecological protection. After the 'Double Eleven' and 'Double Twelve' big promotions every year, there will always be a series of topics such as 'express courier packaging' and 'how to deal with courier packaging'. In the future, simultaneously meeting economic development and protecting the ecological environment, 'green logistics' emerged at the historic moment and received extensive support from enterprises and governments. So how do companies achieve green logistics? Here I will answer for you. Professionals said that to promote high-quality development of green logistics, we should start from the following six aspects: First, we must establish the concept of green logistics development. The development of green logistics requires the joint participation and efforts of multiple parties, including the government, industry associations, enterprises and consumers. First, the government and industry associations must actively promote and guide consumers and businesses on green ideas, and create a good social atmosphere. Second, companies must change the inherent concept of 'environmental protection is not economic, and green is costly.' Enterprise benefits can be mutually promoted; again, consumers must establish a green consumption outlook, forcing companies to transform to green operations. Second, we must implement policy guidance and regulations to force “two legs” to walk. On the one hand, the government must introduce a series of industrial, fiscal, financial, land and other related policies that are closely matched with green logistics, and encourage and guide the behavior of logistics entities through government green procurement, financial subsidies, tax support and other specific methods, and scientifically guide green logistics. Steady and healthy development. On the other hand, it is necessary to formulate clear and highly enforceable laws and regulations for the development of green logistics in China to achieve unified supervision and control of the greening of logistics activities. At the same time, local governments at all levels can promulgate according to the degree of regional logistics greening Corresponding local regulations guarantee the development of green logistics, especially the greening of logistics delivery vehicles in large and medium-sized cities. Third, use technological innovation to support the green transformation of the logistics industry. Accelerate the application of green technology in major logistics links such as transportation, storage, distribution processing, and packaging. First of all, it is necessary to gradually optimize the energy structure through green energy technology, and lay a solid foundation for the logistics industry to take the road of low-carbon and green development. Specifically, improved technologies can be used to increase energy efficiency to improve energy efficiency, or increase the proportion of new clean energy in energy consumption, such as adding new energy vehicles in the transportation link. Second, accelerate the integration of technologies such as 'Internet +', Internet of Things technology, big data, cloud computing, and unmanned distribution services with the logistics industry, effectively reduce redundant logistics activities, and improve green logistics efficiency. Third, further encourage the application of new materials technology, biotechnology, waste treatment and waste utilization technology in the field of logistics to better promote circular economy and sustainable development. Fourth, improve the construction of green logistics infrastructure. The development of green logistics cannot be separated from the support of hardware infrastructure. It is necessary to scientifically integrate the scale, layout, and functions of logistics infrastructure, and bring efficiency into play through renewal and transformation. In addition, the government should continue to expand the scale of logistics infrastructure investment and accelerate the network and systemization of modern logistics infrastructure. Newly constructed infrastructure must be scientifically planned based on the existing infrastructure layout to prevent blind repetitive construction and waste of land resources. Fifth, innovative green logistics operation models. The innovation of logistics operation mode can be realized through the three modes of reduction, logistics and greening of logistics activities. The mode of reducing logistics activities, reducing logistics waste and pollution by reducing logistics activities, can be achieved specifically through industrial clusters, business alliance operation modes, joint distribution, multimodal transport, drop-and-hook transportation, etc .; logistics activity circulation model Based on the reuse of recyclable resources, the improvement of green logistics resource utilization efficiency, cost reduction and energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved mainly through reverse logistics, ecological parks and other models; green mode is to establish green indicators and green Standards, to realize the greening of all logistics links from the overall supply chain. The government, as the supervisor, is responsible for formulating and unifying green standards. Enterprises follow green standards and establish green evaluation index systems. Consumers advocate green consumption. Sixth, strengthen the introduction and training of green logistics professionals. On the one hand, a group of advanced research talents, management talents and technical talents engaged in green logistics research can be imported from abroad to improve and optimize the hierarchical structure of green logistics talents in China; on the other hand, we must focus on implementing green logistics talent training projects and focus on production The combination of study and research cultivates different types of green logistics professionals covering theoretical research, technology development, and skill operation. From the perspective of current express logistics companies, the companies that have done a great job in green logistics have taken the following measures: 1. Cainiao green logistics measures 2. Jingdong Green Logistics Measures 3. Suning green logistics measures 4. Mastery of green logistics measures As for Zhongtong, the utilization rate of electronic coupons exceeded 97%. All 68 sets of automatic sorting lines nationwide used recyclable canvas bags for baggage collection. Yuantong launched the RFID system and used it in batches at four centers in China that use automated equipment. Recycling RFID environmental protection bags; Shentong has reduced packaging consumables by 10% through the use of degradable express bags, avoiding excessive packaging, and regular recycling and reuse; Yunda replaced the original woven bags transferred between outlets with reusable ones Cloth bags, and vigorously promote the use of paperless electronic package cards.
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