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by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-04
Trucking, TransportationHNRY Logistics boosted its truckload brokerage offering with Logistical Labs' LoadDex, accelerating response rates and letting shippers initiate rate requests.The ChallengeHNRY Logistics set out to revamp their truckload brokerage offering when they recognized pricing and faster response times as their biggest hurdles to success. HNRY was able to utilize some data through rigid imports, but there was no built-in intelligence to adjust rates for capacity surpluses or shortages on the fly.Sales representatives had to download lane data and manually adjust rates in a 22,000-line Excel document to account for market fluctuations. While effective, the process was slow and repetitive; the upload process alone took an hour or longer. With speed and accuracy of the utmost importance, HNRY Logistics needed a faster way to respond to quote requests and safeguards to ensure sales reps were not getting burned due to limited available data. The SolutionThrough a seamless API integration with HNRY's transportation management system, 3Gtms, Logistical Labs' LoadDex provided accurate truckload rates in seconds. Taking it a step further, HNRY Logistics was able to connect the integration with their customer-facing portal, myHNRY, so that HNRY's customers can initiate their own rate requests.The LoadDex integration, alongside 3Gtms, has enabled HNRY Logistics to run approximately 5,000 searches in LoadDex per day. HNRY's response rate went from 2-3 hours down to 7 minutes.With all of the extra time, reps are better equipped to make more efficient and effective decisions for their customers. In addition to time savings, HNRY Logistics saw a 30% increase in web quotes and a $25 million increase in business.With the industry moving toward real-time pricing, companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars building out technology with those capabilities. LoadDex allows HNRY to compete with those companies for a fraction of the cost.To learn more:email: info@logisticallabs.comphone: 312-999-9762web: www.logisticallabs.com
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