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FBA shipping for hardware and lighting to find

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-08
Liu is always the owner of a lighting factory in Dongguan. He has worked hard in Guangdong for more than ten years and finally has a successful career and opened a medium-sized hardware lighting factory. Most of their products are sold abroad. In recent years, Mr. Liu realized that in the traditional manufacturing mode, the development space of the enterprise is limited, so he registered and applied for his own factory and product brand three years ago.

After several years of operation, the products have made considerable progress from styles to sales. In the past two years, the Dongguan Municipal Government has promoted industrial transformation and encouraged and supported the development of foreign trade. After a series of inspections, the company established a special foreign trade e-commerce department. At present, the company has opened stores on Amazon, WISH and other platforms in the United States.

Mr. Liu has always been an old customer of VIPUTRANS. In the traditional factory opening phase, Baoshi Logistics cooperated with Mr. Liu's lighting factory, and the trailer customs declaration affairs have been cooperating smoothly. Later, in the stage of operating cross-border e-commerce sellers in Liu's factory, VIPUTRANS also provided cross-border logistics services for hardware and lighting factories.

From Amazon FBA first-way transportation, cargo declaration, customs clearance, and then to delivery to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, a complete set of Amazon logistics services are handled by VIPUTRANS logistics. When the product is returned in the process of selling, it needs to be exchanged, the goods need to be re-transferred, warehoused, etc., all of which are handled by VIPUTRANS logistics overseas warehouse staff. Very convenient and efficient.

After two years of cross-border e-commerce operations, Mr. Liu is full of confidence in the prospects of cross-border trade business in 2018. He said: I am very grateful to Insure Time Logistics for helping them achieve the smooth operation of cross-border e-commerce.
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